Your next adventure awaits...

The Rickshaw Run

Take on the Indian subcontinent in an motorised cake tin. 1000's of miles of glorious chaos.

The Mongol Derby

The longest and toughest horse race on the planet. We re-build Genghis Khan's ancient postal network.

The Mongol Rally

The mother of all adventures. 1/3 of the earth in a tiny car you nicked from your gran.


The Monkey Run

48cc of children's toy facing off the Sahara, the Amazon jungle and dirt tracks of Romania.

The Icarus Trophy

The world's toughest air race. A 1000 mile unsupported aerial bohemoth by hanky and desk fan. 

The Ice Run

Take a vintage motorbike and slap it down the biggest lake on earth. In Siberia. In mid winter.


Ngalawa Cup

Possibly the most ridiculous ocean race in the world. Taking on the open seas in a lump of wood.

Adventure 11

The jury is still out on how this becomes a full blown adventure. In time we will find the answer and let you know.

The Almanac


All our planned adventures for the coming year and beyond in one place. Behold, the almanac.

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The Institute of Adventure Research

We hand our research and development over to the unreasonably grand sounding I.O.A.R. Basically it's a loose band of dickheads flapping about the corners of the earth in search of chaos and adventure. Led by Adventurists founder Mr Tom and chief guinea pig Mr Buddy, it's a little hard to fathom what's coming next. In fact it's often quite hard to tell what's already happened. But it's safe to assume it was in some way stupid.

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£7 million for charity so far...

 Team Butch Cassidy raised a monsterous £56,000 on the 2009 Mongol Rally

Team Butch Cassidy raised a monsterous £56,000 on the 2009 Mongol Rally

That's what we, in our own humble way, call saving the world a bit.

The marvellous teams on our adventures try to raise at least £1,000 for charity. This goes straight to the organisations they're supporting so everyone knows all their pennies are going to a great cause.

Our official charity is Cool Earth, who are quite literally saving the world. Hats off to them.

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