The Adventurists

Purveyors of chaos

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£1,000 top prize for Rickshaw Run Photo Competition

November 12, 2019

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Crossing Sri Lanka with maps sketched by locals

October 15, 2019

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We are...

… The Adventurists. The ointment for that itch at the back of your brain telling you to set fire to your clothes and run screaming down the streets of our cities. The modern world is… well it can be a bit shit. When did you last have to run away from a lion while trying to buy a cabbage in a supermarket?

Humans need adventure. We evolved in a world that was trying to eat us and without it we lose perspective. And now that some other git has already filled in all the gaps in the maps we have to try that little bit harder to find it.

Mobile phones are constantly shovelling pointless facts into our eyeballs and making sure we know exactly where we are all the time. Telling us where we can get the latest double-sugar-fuck-a-chino in the most convenient way possible. We don’t need convenience, we need chaos.

And that is something we might be able to help with.

We spend our hours’ planning and scheming to create a whole new breed of adventures to help us in our fight to make the world less boring.