The Andes Mountains and Amazon Rainforest on a child's motorcycle

Monkey Run Peru

The Monkey Run is pretty stupid anywhere, but we thought we’d crank the wheels of dumbness even harder. So here it is – the Peruvian gauntlet. It’s like a jungley, mountainy, muddy, dirt track glove of adventuring joy. So grab your sweaty hand and shove it inside.

Imagine the powerfully slight vibrations from a tiny engine between your legs as you look up and see some of the highest mountains on earth loom between you and your goal. And then, if do you make it over, the jungles of the Amazon lie in wait to punch your cheeky face with the fist of adventure.

Behold people the mighty Monkey Run Peru.

The Monkey Bike

The Monkey Bike is the essence of genius in slightly unreliable machine form. Driving this miniature design marvel will incite the full spectrum of emotions from delirious driving joy to utter despair.

They’re quite slow but feel fast because your arse is already nearly on the ground. That also means it won’t hurt as much when you fall off. Which you probably will.  

They are lightweight and nimble; handy when you have to push it up the odd mountain here and there. They even have an expedition-ready luggage rack over the rear wheel which can easily hold your wallet and maybe your keys. In summary: completely unsuitable and therefore perfect for old school adventure.


We chose Peru because it won the best landscape bingo award. The Andes mountains are massive. And steep. The Amazon basin is really jungly. And massive. This is you and a toy bike versus both.

Depending on which edition you’re signed up for, you’ll start in either Ayacucho or Atalaya to join 50 other likeminded fools.

Launch day takes you straight into it. Either directly to some of those pointy bits in the mountains, or off down some jungle track. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It isn’t.

Bruised, battered but better, you’ll roll through the finish line and party the night away with all your new found adventure buddies.


The Un-route

The unroute is a simple and highly effective adventuring format, nay, a philosophy. Everything between the start and finish line is entirely up to you. Dictating a route to be blindly followed would suck the adventure from your soul. 

The Objective is to force your pint-sized adventure machine over the high passes of the Andes and through the Amazon jungle in Peru. The ratio of each of these, as with the route you take, is up to you.

You wont know what’s going to happen, or if you’ll get to the finish line, but when you do, by heck it’ll be glorious.

The History

The first Monkey Run was in Morocco in 2015. Our founder Mr. Tom was convinced the Monkey Bike could deliver.

They had no route, no idea if it would work and did bugger all planning. Buddy had a minor tantrum. Several tantrums actually. They froze their man-bosoms off at the top of mountain passes and ran out of water in the desert. But after unleashing the raw power of the 50cc adventure machine across a big bit of Morocco they agreed this was the start of something rather special and the Monkey Run was born.

Two years later we wanted to know if it was possible to do something even more stupid. Higher mountains, hotter, colder, wetter weather. We also thought it was about time we went back to Peru.

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