New Video: Poles of Inconvenience Rally in 90 seconds


New Video: Poles of Inconvenience Rally in 90 seconds

The Poles of Inconvenience Rally goes again in July 2023 and registration is open. Here’s a 90 second video explaining everything you need to know…


What is the Poles of Inconvenience Rally?

Welcome to the illegitimate love child of the Mongol Rally and the pandemic. What started as a stand-in when the rally was cancelled has evolved into a whole new form of overland adventuring chaos. So we’ve launched it as a stand alone adventure and it sets forth on 16th July 2023.

Seek out inconvenience in gloriously unsuitable vehicles… Get lost and stuck trying to reach expertly positioned POIs across the network of chaos, from Morocco to Norway to the UK and over to Turkey and Georgia.

Find out more and sign up on the Poles of Inconvenience website.

Follow the new rally on Instagram or Facebook.

Massive thanks to all the POI teams from the last couple of years who sent us footage for this video, including these legends:

Hardhat Racingos: Twan and Thomas

Svetlada: Bram de Man

Puch it to the Maxi: James
Really Small Adventures on Youtube

Team Only Vans: Greg and Matthew

Team Pandrover: Callum and Jack

Team De Sloekertjes: Rodin & Ilsa

Horn OK Please: Jaseem, Adwaith & Akshay

Team Going Nowhere: Tim & Jordan

Team Veerkracht: Michaël, Sven, Michiel, Rick

Team Bodacious Brits Abroad: Josh, Connor & Lucy

Team Cliopatra: Anders, Lasse, Marius

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