Introducing The Golden Poles


Introducing The Golden Poles

Gold. It’s special isn’t it? Another brand new addition for this summer’s adventure will be the Golden Poles. On top of the ‘normal’ poles, there will also be a collection of Golden Poles. You’ll get a shitload of extra points for bagging one of these frothing gremlins of inconvenience. 

You will shoot up the leaderboard each time you hit one, laughing manically at those poor sods that weren’t able to get there. To ensure you don’t overthink your route or, heaven forbid, plan it, we’ll be releasing the golden poles sporadically throughout the adventure. They will be chosen by us, in the stupidest ways we can think of.

What’s the catch? Golden Pole will only be active for a short period of time. Don’t worry. The number of days between Golden Poles will increase as the event goes on, ensuring there’s time for teams to carry on bagging poles. 

The first one will be announced on our live launch broadcast. So grab a mate or two and get yourself signed up here.

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