Unleashing Poles of Refreshment in 2024


Unleashing Poles of Refreshment in 2024

It’s one thing to leap face first into an adventure. It’s another altogether to point that same adventure in the direction of idiocy alongside a whole horde of like-minded champions. Proper friendships are formed on our events, as you come to realise that many of your old friends back home are a bit boring, and just don’t cut the mustard any more. To this end, whilst the Poles Of Inconvenience thunders around Europe this July, to keep the spirit of camaraderie alive and kicking, we have created the Poles of Refreshment.

Driving your shitbox around Europe gathering poles and earning points is thirsty work. A revitalising malty beverage or seven will definitely help cool the throat and wash away some of that mountain road dust. The poles of refreshment will offer exactly this. They won’t be traditional poles in that they won’t be worth any points, but they’ll act as hubs of heroicness where you can meet up with your fellow teams and swap tales from the road – wildly exaggerating each one, of course. They’ll give you a chance to meet up and reminisce on shared experiences and the slapping of each other’s backs can commence. Whilst imbibing a few beverages, you can describe how you fixed your engine with only a bar of soap and a hammer and chat other bollocks too. 

The poles of refreshment will be many, and could be anywhere. One might be the closest pub to the most dangerous road in Turkey, for example. Ironically, they will be almost the opposite of the traditional poles in that we want them to be rather convenient to reach. You would have hopefully already earned your beer badge whilst bagging a load of poles, no need to give yourself a hernia making it to the bar too. 

The most worthy Poles of Refreshment will:

  • Have nearby parking for cars, motorbikes, rickshaws, penny farthings and any other unsuitable vehicles you can think of
  • Set the scene for cracking tales and top-notch banter amongst teams
  • Have something for everyone: from ales and cocktails to a spot of the non-boozy stuff for the faint-hearted
  • Be the stuff of legend with tales to regale generations yet unborn

Know a great pub or cool bar that might work as a watering hole and be willing to accommodate a few teams? Let us know and we can add it to our map. 

And it’s not too late to join us and un-shit your summer. Sign up for the Poles Of Inconvenience: 2024 European edition.

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