Electrickery cometh


Electrickery cometh

Matt Dickens

Rickshaw Run

Operation Electrickery


Back in 2020, we shared our ambition to make the Rickshaw Run better, and even more stupid, by going electric. We called it Operation Electrickery because we’re clever like that.

We were as excited as a geography teacher shopping for corduroy elbow patches. Then, before we knew what hit us, a pandemic rudely barged into the room and, from an impressive height, did a big runny dump all over our carefully laid plans.

Thankfully, our glorious founder and Chief Idiot, Mr Tom, was able to continue tinkering in his shed on sparky magnificence in the shape of a fully electric Venturo. Not only that, but he managed to keep a safe distance from himself at the same time, something we all wish we’d done long ago. So, Operation Electrickery was never very far from his tiny mind.



Well, we’ve dusted it off and it’s gotten the hefty kick up the arse it needed. It won’t be too long now until you’re tearing across India in an electric rick with an idiotic grin slapped on your face. The plan is simple. Take some of our old, classic Rickshaw Run autos and electrify the shit out of them. Rickshaws are already pretty much perfect, but once they’re turbo-charged with pure electric genius they’re going to become even better. The engines will be so powerful, that they might even be able to make it up a relatively steep incline. They’ll still likely fall over when attempting corners though. These electrical beasties will no doubt be profoundly excellent. They’ll not only be giving off fewer emissions than an ant’s fart but also take you across India whilst managing to look magnificent. It’s flawless.

To help get the ball rolling, we scoured the globe for some assistance and it popped up in the shapes of Mr Thor and Mr Gerard who’re helping us in our quest. They’re students from French University HEC Paris. They study Sustainability and Social Innovation, so they’re far too qualified, which we like. They’re also embarrassingly proficient, which makes us lot look like idiots, which we don’t like quite as much. They’ve helped us set up a competition to find the best students, graduates and engineers in India.



Not only this, but they’re also helping us develop a brand-spanking new adventure in India, bringing a completely new type of vehicle to the realm of The Adventurists. We can’t tell you more at this point without having to hurt you significantly, so we won’t. Rest assured, as it takes shape we’re practically drooling into our Earl Grey in giddy anticipation. It will be gloriously unsensible.



Whilst the chaps carry on blasting through obstacles to make the magic happen, we also need some help from the likes of you, dear reader. Maybe you’re an expert in vehicle design. Perhaps you’re a wunderkind when it comes to legal issues? Or do you have one of those creative brains that shits out great ideas at a rate of knots? Possibly you’re a charging infrastructure genius, or simply have a great cocktail recipe to keep us going? If any of the above, or if you think you could be useful in some other way, then get in touch, we’re eager to hear from you. Drop us an email at [email protected].

Join us, share your wisdom, and be a part of what is likely the most important evolution in human history.

Matt Dickens

Rickshaw Run

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