Take on the world in a marginally glorified lawnmower

The what?

Imagine yourself and a couple of mates squashed into a 1 donkeypower rolling cake tin, desperately trying to traverse 3000km of Indian sub-continent.

There’s no set route, no back-up and no way of knowing if you’re going to make it. The only certainty is that you will get lost, you will get stuck and you will break down.

This then, is the Rickshaw Run. Easily the least sensible thing to do with two weeks.

Served up in three flavours of adventuring sandwich. Original Indian eye poke, Himalayan tooth punch and Sri Lankan face slap. Cast your eyeballs onwards to find out more about your next adventure.

The Rickshaw

Kneel before engineering’s highest life form. If God had made machines he probably wouldn’t have bothered with a Rickshaw. But  he would have been wrong. Essentially, it’s not a very good idea. They’re not very fast, they smell, they fall over when you go round corners and break down more often than a 3 year old. A days driving feels like you’ve been sat on by an elephant. But somehow, all this makes them better. They are, unquestionably, the greatest vehicle on the planet. They are the only way to try and cross the Subcontinent, and if you do make it across, you’ll never want to drive anything as pedestrian as a car for the rest of your life.

Engine: 2.3 x power of the average family dog.
Transmission: 4 forward, 4 reverse. or sometimes 0.
Fuel Capacity: Slightly less than you need.
Top Speed: 4 x Walking (downhill).
Turning circle: Best not to try.

  • India

    So big it's a subcontinent. India is the birth place and spiritual home of the Rickshaw Run serving up thousands of kilometres of chaos. Dirt roads, mountains, deserts, tea plantations and some of the most creative traffic movements in the world. India is the Don of countries and a rickshaw is the only way to get lost in it. Find out more below...

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  • Himalaya

    If you took the Indian Rickshaw Run and packed it full of dynamite and through it off the roof, you will find the resulting explosion is the Rickshaw Run Himalaya. Tiny machines Vs the biggest mountains on the planet. Wibble your way into some of India's most remote regions as both you and the rickshaw run out of oxygen. Find out more under that button down below...

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  • Sri Lanka

    Ahh, Sri Lanka. An island sized slab of Sub Continental chaos. Find out more below...

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The Unroute

The un-route is a simple yet devastatingly effective concept. There’s a start line and a finish line about 3000km away depending on how lost you get. Everything in between is up to you. Proper adventure only happens when you set forth in a spirit of ignorance.

To attain this nirvana-like state of adventuring bliss you must resist the temptation to shove the completed works of Lonely Planet into your telephone. The less you know the better. All you really need to do is start driving. The rest will happen and be all the better for a woeful lack of planning. So if you’re the kind of person that likes an itinerary, for the love of all the gods never come back to this website.

The Art of Pimp

With all this engineering genius floating about we were left wandering what can you possibly do to make such a beast better. We realised there is only one thing that could improve the performance of such perfection. And that was pimp.

Your rickshaw, visually enhanced with your artwork.

So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work inventing Distance Pimping. You’re at home, the Rickshaw is not, but now all your pimp desires will come true by the marvels of electricity, the interweb and our crack team of pimp artists.

It might be spelled wrong and any faces may end up with a moustache but by goodness gracious is it excellent. And part of taking part in the Rickshaw run is making sure your shaw is the pimpedest.

The History

The Rickshaw Run was created when Adventurists founder Mr Tom fell in love with the little beasties whilst on a jaunt in India. He came home and was heard to be repeatedly mumbling something about taking rickshaws into a desert and up some mountains.

After much deciphering, The Rickshaw Run was born. The first edition launched in December 2006 from Kochi, Kerala and snaked its way up to Darjeeling, West Bengal. Nobody knew if it was even possible.

Since these humble beginnings, the Rickshaw Run has grown into a 3 wheeled beast. There have been more than 35 editions, and literally, tens of thousands of people have gathered at the alter of Rickshaw from all corners of the globe.

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