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The April Run is live

You can track it HERE



The April Run is live

You can track it HERE

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Rickshaw Run Day 11
Rickshaw Run - Day 10

A 3,500km pan-Indian adventure in a 7 horsepower glorified lawnmower. The Rickshaw Run is easily the least sensible thing to do with two weeks.

At each end of the Run is a party of earth shattering proportions but what is between them is all down to you. And luck - good or bad.

No set route, no back-up, no way of knowing if you're going to make it. The only certainty is that you will get lost, you will get stuck and you will break down.  

It's just you and your mates in a wholly unsuitable vehicle traversing the subcontinent enduring whatever shit the road throws at you.


How about some Karma with that?

It's not just about getting stuck, we also ask you to raise a minimum of £1000 for charity, at least £500 of which goes to our official charity Cool Earth.

Along with the teams on the other adventures, you'll be saving the world one rainforest at a time. Not because we’re tree hugging sandal weavers, but because the world would be shit without them.

Where would we get lost if we didn't have jungles?


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The Rickshaw

A short trip in a Bajaj auto-rickshaw is enough to convince you that the rickshaw is barely fit for the purpose of a brief journey across town. It's only when you hit the open road or indeed off-road that the beauty of these vehicles becomes apparent.

Nothing of the design of these noisy tripods is with comfort, safety or reliability in mind. They put you right at the bottom of the Indian road hierarchy thus giving you perfect opportunity to see India from the gutter.

Possibly the least suitable vehicle on the planet for covering the entire subcontinent in two weeks. In other words; perfect.  

Engine: 2 stroke, single cylinder, forced air cooled

Power: 7 HP at 5000 rpm  (equiv. 1 family dog)

Transmission: 4 forward, 1 reverse

Fuel Capacity: 8 ltr + 1.4 reserve

Top Speed: 55kmph (downhill)

Engine Size: 145.45cc

System Voltage: 12V , DC

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We're not in the business of wiping your posterior region so we've un-invented the un-route. We won't tell you how to avoid the bandits or which roads will collapse underneath you, that's your job to fathom. Spluttering forth from the start line and aiming to hobble across the finish line, you choose how much adventure the seat of your pants can handle in-between. We have three splendid un-routes distancing 3,000 - 5,000kms depending on the illogicality of your chosen path. 

What sights you choose to see along the way is up to you. Better yet sod the box-ticking and following of the crowd. There are much better things to see than a load of foreign tourists wearing cameras, socks and sandals and fake dreadlocks. A real adventure will show you what tourists and travelers wont see. The real India is perched there sitting and waiting patiently for you to come forth and find your way yourself. If we told you where to go, the Rickshaw Run would be totally rubbish. 

Route 1: Jaisalmer to Cochin

Route 2: Cochin to Shillong

Route 3: Shillong to Cochin


India is conveniently arranged in a triangular shape thus working perfectly for an adventure that runs three times a year. Each run takes it in turns to traverse from one 'corner' of the country to another, along whichever route teams choose.

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Pimp Thy Rick


Pimp Thy Rick

The Art of Pimping 

It's one thing to cross the Indian subcontinent in a rickshaw, but it's a much better thing to do it in one that's been pimped. With this in mind we invented the art of distance pimping. It's a bit like distance-learning but without any learning.


First you concoct your own fantasy rickshaw paint job. Paint your chariot pink if you wish, cover it in zebra stripes, or even give it a wonky moustache. 

Then upload your designs to our website. We’ll then blend it with some Indian artistic genius, a certain amount of enlightenment, a few spelling mistakes and the odd dodgy hand-painted line and.... BAM. Pimped Shaw. Nothing short of genius. There’s a prestigious award for the best overall effort, and the awe-struck stares you receive as your fully pimped machine flies by are enough to keep you smiling when it all goes to shit.


Test Driving

Now, chances are your rickshaw driving experience is a touch limited. Working on the terrible presumption that you lot are mostly novice rickshaw-ists, we put on rather exciting test driving days on the three days prior to the launch. Here you’ll have complete access to your vehicles, whether it be for driving, pimping, to fiddle with the engine (or lack of) or just to stroke it a little. You'll need to come to at least one of these sessions before the event starts so that you know which way to point your un-trusty steed.

It's also always good to get the first couple of crashes out of the way before you begin the adventure in earnest too.

These days in the field are also a good opportunity to meet your fellow runners, compare your beasts and generally get excited. Each evening we then retire to somewhere serving fizzy beverages for some impromptu Q&A sessions and some nerve calming: or failing that to sit in a corner and quietly crap yourself about what you've let yourself in for.


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How much and when?


How much and when?

Entry fee

The Rickshaw Run costs £1495 per team of up to four adventurists  (you don't want more than four - trust us) What then do you get for those hard earned pictures of the queen?

The Rickshaw
A once state-of-the-art three-wheeled Bajaj auto-rickshaw, with all the paperwork necessary for you to take it on public roads and across state lines.

Test Driving
Two days of test-driving, pimping and mechanical tips, with nightly Q&A session for you to familiarise yourself with your vehicle and what you are about to do.

A ruddy good party, cricket match and launch ceremony befitting of the brave fools about to take on the whole of India in a crap rickshaw.

Finish Line
A rousing welcome when you finish, a podium for the obligatory finish line photos and a bar for you to share your stories with eachother. Topped off with a football match and a party.

A shiny blog where you can shout to the world about what you are about to do, and a tracking map where you can upload your location, messages and photos while you are on the road.

The Knowledge
Support from our team of experts to advise you how to get to the start line, the best outfits for the parties and the best biscuits to pair with Darjeeling tea.

The Adventure
3,500km of the best and worst that India can throw at you and all the stories and glory that go with it.


APRIL 2014
3rd - 19th

3rd - 21st OPEN

29 Dec - 14 Jan - OPEN


Rough adventure line up.. .

Day 1-3 Test driving / Q&A

Day 4 Cricket/football match & party

Day 5 Launch

Day 16 Closing ceremony & party

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Sign up


Sign up

Sign up

You probably want to sign up after all that right? For just 300 of your English pounds you can reserve yourself a spot on the Run and pay the rest in instalments a bit later.


We've even got a nice shiny sign-up button you can click to bag your spot. Look there it is to the right there; or if you've got specific questions you can use the form right at the bottom, or even give us a call.



August 2014

Shillong to Cochin

Discounted entry fee  £1395

January 2015

Cochin to Jaisalmer

Entry fee £1495 

April 2015


for super early discounts



August 2015


for super early discounts


January 2016


for super early discounts

April 2016



Why the hell would you want to do the Rickshaw Run?

The most grueling, exhausting, nerve wrecking, adrenaline packed adventure you’ll put yourself into.
— Corinne Copreni - April 2013
The best thing you can do with 3 weeks off work and a lycra suit.
— Matt Boraman - April 2013
Like a slap round the face to all your senses. And then a kick to the balls of the ones you didn’t know existed.
— Matt Dickens - 2006
It’s the purest and liveliest escape from reality I’ve ever had. With hindsight I now realise that reality is nonsense and adventure makes perfect sense
— Biddy McGregor - January 2013
An incredible way to see, smell, taste, and feel India. It gives you the freedom to explore the nooks and crannies of this terribly awesome place, and meet the people of India in a way not otherwise possible. Plus, driving one these little rickshaws is just a damn hoot!
— Michael Anschel - September 2012
If you don’t know if you have the Spirit of & for adventure, then Rickshaw Run is a good test for that. You’ll come off either hating what you did and what it meant; or you’ll remember every moment and hate that moment when you have to get back to reality!
— Rakesh Rao - April 2013
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