February 3, 2021

Category: Mongol Rally

Driving across a third of the earth in a rolling turd is hard to describe. There’s the obvious stuff: epic mountain roads, vast deserts and endless steppe. But the Mongol Rally is much more than an influencers’ photographic wet dream.

It’s about the random places you end up sleeping. The weird petrol stations. Fixing your car with a syringe from an Afghan landfill. Growing moustaches.

So we ran a photo competition and challenged teams to sum up the rally in a gallery of 15 or more photos. We put up more than £3000 worth of prizes and set a specific brief: landscape shots are lovely but show us the smorgasbord of stupidity that is life on the world’s greatest road trip.

130 rally veterans entered more than 3000 photos. Matthias Furer won the top prize for Overall Best Album by unanimous decision. He gets a £1000 adventure voucher, £100 to spend in our online shop and a featured gallery printed in the official Mongol Rally book (coming soon).

Scroll on and prepare yourself for majestic Adidas tracksuits, buttocks and unconventional photographic gold…


Matthias was in Team Eye of the Taiga, check out more of their photos on their team Instagram.

The 2021 Mongol Rally is full but the waiting list is open if you’re interested.

The 2022 Mongol Rally is open and already more than half full.