The Mongol Rally 2024 is on…


The Mongol Rally 2024 is on…

Well shit the adventure bed and slap my eyeballs with a sweaty haddock, am I hallucinating?

Nope. The Mongol Rally is back.

Rally founder Mr. Tom wanted to make the announcement himself. So he made this video for all the 2024 teams…

The last edition ended in September 2019.

That means 1,684 days have passed without the world’s greatest overland adventure.

That’s over 2.4 million minutes of staring at the map and remembering the before times…

A time when you could thunder east in a rolling turd knowing that flashes of government-red-advise-against-all-travel doom were gloriously rare.

But now, praise be to the gods of adventure, we have a path to getting lost and stuck in the deserts and mountains of Central Asia.

The finish line will be in Kazakhstan.

You can get there via Azerbaijan. You can’t drive your car overland into Azerbaijan, but you can ship it in, then fly yourself in and meet your chariot about 5 to 7 days later. From there you can catch a ferry over to Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan.

At that point all the ‘stans are on hand to slowly destroy your tiny vehicle.

Where is the finish line?

In the far eastern corner of Kazakhstan. We’re already scouting locations in the Oksemen region, around the Irtysh River and Lake Zaysan.

What routes are possible?

Giant ones… Once you cross the Caspian sea you can adventure your way through all these countries on your way to the finish line:

  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tajikistan
  • Kazakhstan

That’s a lot of Central Asia to get lost and stuck in.

Can I still sign up for this year’s rally?

You can indeed. We’ve just re-opened registration for the 2024 edition. Check out the dates and details here then head to the sign up page and hit the buttons here.

Or take on the Poles of Inconvenience…

If you’re not ready for the rally but you still want a giant slab of overland stupidity then the updated Poles of Inconvenience is on this summer too…

Invented by Mongol Rally founder Mr. Tom, he calls it “a bag of adventuring whoopass to open in your own face. Think adventure meets gameshow. Both dangerous and inconvenient. Who doesn’t need that?”

You take any unsuitable vehicle you can get your hands and try and reach as many poles as possible from the top of Norway down to Western Sahara and all the way across to Georgia in the East.

There’ll be a live leaderboard, points for every pole, new vehicle rules, golden poles announced at random plus daily updates and expert punditry as the search for inconvenience unleashes chaos all over Europe and North Africa…

Get all the info on the Poles of Inconvenience website.

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