January 17, 2020

Category: Monkey Run

The finish line of an overland journey on a comically unsuitable vehicle is often under-estimated as a danger to one’s health and wellbeing.

You make it to the very end after being slapped about the chops with old school adventure. You’ve picked up a couple of scars along the way, at least one of them mental. Your dignity took a hit here and there.

But there’s also a couple of fellow riders you’d now trust with your first born even though you met them a week ago. You’ve conquered a big bit of desert and made it over massive mountain passes. Twice. You’ve squeezed a month’s worth of adventure into one week.

It’s all gone marvellously not to plan just as you hoped. You’re a bit broken, but in the best way possible. So you line up your 50cc joy machine to mount the finish line stage and take your place among the victors.

And then this happens:


We doff our hats to all the January 2020 riders. To the impressive number among you who couldn’t plant a child-sized bike on a rather large finish stage: an extra special doff.

The Monkey Run Morocco runs in April, October and January every year. There’s only 6 spots left on the April 2020 edition though so press the buttons sharpish if you want in.