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Kara and Nate

Monkey Run Peru April 2023

We are a husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee. We started our YouTube channel on a whim when we decided to take a year off and go travel back in 2016. One year quickly turned into 4, and at the very end of 2019 we stepped foot in our 100th country. Shortly after achieving our 100 country goal, the pandemic hit. With international travel no longer an option, we bought a van and spent two years traveling around the U.S. living in our tiny home on wheels. At the beginning of 2022, we moved out of the van and back into our suitcases full-time. We're not exactly sure what our next "goal" is going to be, but we're currently having fun bouncing around the globe chasing our passions and interesting stories.

The team members

Kara Buchanan

Kara Buchanan