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Monkey Run Morocco October 2024

Three ballbags (two more are still to join) from Northern Ireland who work together. We've been dragged into this as part of an ongoing mid-life crisis (we're only 30) and are keen to put ourselves and our well being at risk. We're three keen adventurers and feel this trip is necessary to prove our metal. The leader, Ethan Gibson, is a bridge troll and is gingerly ready to venture forth. The second-in-command, Aaron Martin, replaces the seat on his motorbike with "adult pleasure toys". Lastly, Ethan Sudlow aka The Whip - He continually lies about his father owning heavy machinery - when his father does not in fact own any heavy machinery. We make some team. Whilst most of the above isn't true and yes; it was written sober - we're ready for a laugh and a good story to take home

The team members

Ethan Gibson

Ethan Gibson