Meet the team making all the chaos

Tom Morgan

Founder and Chief Idiot

As “Chief Idiot” Tom is the creator of stupid ideas for new adventures. Some work, some not so much. He set The Adventurists up from his cupboard sat in his pants.

Jenny Hunter

Chief of Organising Everything

Probably better described as the Managing Director Jenny more than anyone has kept the chaos in the box of adventures rather than bankruptcy.

Dan Wedgwood

Official Third Filing Assistant since 2006

Dan was the first person stupid enough to join back in 2006 when he decided adventuring was better than a real job. Somehow he’s never been promoted beyond third filing assistant.

Shatra Galbadrakh

Head of Mongolia Branch

Shatra strides the Steppes of Mongolia heading up all things occurring in Mongolia. And since it with us, that’s rather a lot.

Stéph Faitrouni

Head of Morocco & India Branch

Stéph resides in Marrakech and keeps the tiny wheels of Monkey Bike mayhem moving in Morocco and she’s in charge of India branch too. That’s a lot of chaos generation.

Alex Anderson

Adventure Wranglist

Alex roams around the planet running adventures. He lives an ephemeral life between oily mechanical wonders and royal palaces.

Ricky Solanki

Deputy Head of India Branch

Ricky is King of the Rickshaw Run dancefloor and an organisational mastermind.

Matt Dickens

Chief of Adventuristsness

It’s little hard to describe what Matt does. But it’s important and keeps us wonkey. He joined us to pioneer the very first Rickshaw Run and never escaped.

Mila Kiratzova

Adventure Wranglist

Mila’s skills at keeping shit together are most legendary. She meanders between events making things happen on time and in the right place.

Rich Brandon-Cox

Videographic Craftsman

Rich is probably the hardest working cameraman in the universe. Leaping off boats in the high seas to dodging horses at speed he has filmed all our adventures.

Buddy Munro

Chief Guinea Pig

Ah Buddy. Stand up comic and stuntman Buddy has been testing out adventures with his friend Tom for a decade. He also launches a load of adventures for us.

Crew Photo Mongol Rally

And a bunch of other legends

Those who join us from time to time

We have an awesome network of people who help us out in different countries or for specific events. We salute you, you bloody legends.