49cc vs Scotland

The Details: Monkey Run Scotland

Ahhh Scotland. An ancient land of mountains and seas, pickled with whisky and wrapped in a mixed bag of weather that unleashes on vast terrain. So really the only thing to do is use a monkey bike to adventure across it. Last year the Pioneers took on the first edition and by jove was it a beast…

“Honestly, it was an incredible experience, unlike anything I’ve done before. The people, the camaraderie, the set up and uniqueness of the starting/finishing lines. From start to finish, I had an amazing time.” Jake – Pioneer



1. On ice... for now

After two excellent editions of the Monkey Run Scotland in 2021 and 2022 this splendid adventure has been put on ice. It's glorious stupidity frozen in time until, like a billionaire's head in a tank, it waits patiently to be reborn.

When we're ready to re-attach the limbs of chaos we'll send an email to our main newsletter, so get yourself on this list for all news about future adventures. Including, hopefully, the fine blend of monkeys vs the Scottish highlands and islands.

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2. The un-route

We don't really care how you cross Scotland but we hope you get lost and stuck. To aid you in your noble pursuit we kick things off on Orkney because it's inconvenient and rather far away from the finish line on the end of the Isle of Jura. For an adventure that requires land we think islands surrounded by water make the perfect spots to start and finish. If everything was easy it would a holiday, not an old school adventure.

Once you wobble off the start line in Orkney you'll cross the seas to the mainland and hit the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. Packed with mountain ranges and whisky distilleries, it's also one of Europe's least populated areas.

At the other end you'll have to cross the seas once again to reach the finish line at the very northern tip of the Isle of Jura. About half way through the island road will stop but you won't. Well you might, but not through want of trying. From there it'll be a remote off road run into the finish camp, hosted on a private estate overlooking the sea. Wherein much merriment and back slapping will commence.

Get Lost

As with all our adventures we highly recommend you don't plan a route or bring one of those awful smart telephones. Google maps will truly ruin any adventure.

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3. The only way to start

The test driving, official launch party, whisky tasting, rider briefing, pre-launch dirt track championship, launch day day ceremony and general merriment. Free drinks, hot showers, fresh coffee, incredible food. This frankly outrageous luxury is in preparation for you face planting in mud and rocks for a week before emerging like a mangy dog at the finish. The launch site - Camp Monkey - is also home to the legendary Safety Last Pub. We've also got enough room to go full feral at test driving, a 17th century mansion house for the launch and a dirt track to break your stead on before we even begin.

The Safety Last Pub

The mighty Safety Last pub is moved from our office and re-constructed for your drinking convenience in the middle of nowhere. Serving free booze, soft drinks and fresh coffee day and night (except when you have to drive) along with all the food you need to put in your face.

The Safety Last is the perfect place to spin yarns of adventure, compare broken arms from recent crashes and pass out from overindulgence.

Afternoon Tea

Is served like a god damn religious obligation at 4pm inside Camp Monkey. Don’t fuck with it.

A place to lay your hat

You shall also be sleeping like King Robert the Bruce in our very own hand-built bell tent village. How’s about that for fancy.

Mechanics Briefs

For those of you less accustomed to which is the sharp end of a spanner our resident mechanic will be on hand to run you through the cons and cons of these marvellous machines.

Launch celebrations

We like a good knees up. So we’ve combined the historically accurate Monkey Bike Highland Games with the not very olympic sport of the Whisky Tasting World Championship. Followed aggressively by feasting and dancing etc…

Come launch day we'll have a flag waving ceremonial at Skaill house, and the Laird of Breckness will send us on our way south to the sounds of bagpipes.

So good! The cancelled flight and weather were such vibe killers but it only took 10 mins in the "Safety Last" before the smiles came out again. The afternoon tea was inspired, the whisky tasting hilarious and the party was great. The highland games were ridiculous. I'm amazed no one got hurt. Tom - Pioneer

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4. The only way to finish

Once you get the shores of Jura beneath your tyres you'll be heading off road to the very northern tip of the island. Driving through a private estate into a very lonely corner of the island to find the recently and somewhat rapidly relocated Safety Last Pub.

The finish line and party is in a secret location overlooking the sea in a mind-bendingly spectacular spot. We’ll be on a recce soon to scout out a new and more ridiculous location but when you get here allow a bit of time to cross Jura.

“That is without a doubt the best finish line of the 3 adventures I've done. The food was out of this world. The views were just breathtaking. What a spot for a party! Can we go back please?” Tom - Pioneer

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5. Follow the Monkey Run

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6. The warning

These are genuinely dangerous things to do. The website is written in a light-hearted fashion but you cannot overestimate the risks involved in taking part in this adventure.

Your chances of being seriously injured or dying as a result of taking part are high. Individuals who have taken part in past Adventurists' adventures have been permanently disfigured, seriously disabled and even lost their life.

This is not a glorified holiday, it's an unsupported adventure and so by its very nature extremely risky. You really are on your own and you really are putting both your health and life at risk. This is what makes them adventures.

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7. Contact us

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