The Icarus X

The weekend sized version of the Icarus Trophy

Icarus X Series 2019

The Icarus X Series is a collection of weekend-long paramotor races and events held across the globe. With ‘Race’ and ‘Adventure’ divisions, you can take part in a race to the finish, or simply explore the course at your leisure.

They are a great way to prepare yourself for the coveted, week-long epic that is The Icarus Trophy.

By competing in The Icarus X you stand a chance of winning a spot on The Icarus Trophy which this year will be held in Brazil.

The Paramotor

Paramotors are without doubt the best way to have an aerial adventure. They can take you pretty much anywhere, you can land and take off from almost anywhere, you fill up at a regular gas station and they are relatively cheap and very quick to get airborne with.

Essentially a modified paraglider wing keeps you up and allows you to fly with incredible accuracy. Then strapped to your back is a (relatively) lightweight engine that gives you the thrust to take off. You can be in the sky in just a couple of steps.

The Race Format

When you get to the start line, there’ll be a pilot briefing where we’ll introduce the route, the rules and the protocol for using your satellite tracking device.

The X Series have circular race routes starting and finishing in the same place.  There are various checkpoints on the way so you’ll be heading around those and back to where you started.

During the race we will be monitoring the pilots so the spectators can stay up to date with the race as it unfolds. Once all the pilots are back in, we’ll hand out the much coveted trophies to the winners of each class.


We’ve teamed up with Parajet to run the Icarus X series races. The chaps at Parajet have established themselves at the forefront of personal aviation.

The fact that they also innovate through fun experimentation makes them the perfect flying partner to The Adventurists.

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