What better way to spend a week of your life than astride the throbbing almost-power of a badly made 48cc engine mounted on a motorbike that's exactly the right size for a 5 year old?

Well, it'd be better if instead of struggling to get your tiny machine to the shops, you were stuck, hundreds of miles from anywhere in the Sahara Desert. Better still if you found yourself wondering what sort of tit drives into the wilderness on something as ridiculous as the wobbly chunk of broken metal you're staring at.

And it would be at this point that you'd probably realise that this might just be the best way for a human to spend 7 days.

These bikes are completely impractical. That’s why you don’t see thousands of them driving up and down the country. It’s because they’re useless.
— Mr Buddy

The Bike

What this diminutive bundle of joy lacks in size, it more than makes up for in unadulterated pleasure.

  • It's close to the ground, so you don't have far to fall.
  • It's about the size of a rollerskate, so will fit through tiny gaps in traffic.
  • It's incredibly light, so when it inevitably breaks down it's easy to carry.
  • It's mechanically basic so a chimp could fix it.

The Un-route

Starting somewhere in Morocco, and ending, somewhere in Morocco. Crossing the Atlas Mountains and skimming the Sahara Desert. 

What is certain is that it will take place on the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert.

There's a party at the end a bit of test driving at the start and in between you're on your own. Just the way it should be.

The Guff

When: January and April
Where: Morocco
How Much: £1200 per bike, which includes...

  • A mighty if diminutive bike to destroy.
  • The bike transported to the start line 
  • All the Moroccan paperwork and bike insurance ready to go.
  • A launch party to kill half your brain and a finish party to kill the other.
  • The most ridiculous week of adventuring chaos imaginable.

I've heard enough... sign me up   

January 2018: SOLD OUT

April 2018: SOLD OUT

Ah. Seems this puppy is rather popular. Sorry about that.