The Rickshaw Run Sri Lanka

Three wheels of disaster rolling across the globe

The Rickshaw Run Sri Lanka

A week of tyre-tearing madness hurtling across the spectacular scenery of Sri Lanka in a comprehensively terrible 10.5hp rickshaw that’s barely powerful enough to carry itself.

With no set route, no back-up, and no way of knowing if you’re going to make it, we let you loose in one of the greatest vehicles ever created. The only certainty of The Rickshaw Run is that you will get lost, you will get stuck, you will break down and you will help save a bit of the world.

We wrap each event up with a party of earth-shattering proportions but what is between them is all down to you. And luck – good or bad.

Sri Lanka

The newest Rickshaw Run and a good place to start if you’ve not rickshawed before. Slightly easier terrain, but plenty of adventure.

Sri Lankan roads are slightly more forgiving than they are in India. We were worried it’d be a walk in the park, we were wrong.

A different beast altogether compared with India, Sri Lanka offers a unique adventuring experience that’s perfect if this your first go on a rickshaw.

There’s a lot of tarmac there to be had if you want, but thousands of kilometres of off-road tracks scattered around the place to make sure you can get totally and utterly lost. You can pick and choose; comfort or chaos.

Awesome food, wildlife aplenty, eerily friendly locals and more beaches, tea plantations and jungle than you could ever dream of, this is a veritable week of juddery bliss.


The Rickshaw

The engines on our little beasties are an impressively pathetic 10.5bhp. They have tiny wheels, shite ground clearance and bad suspension. They have no real protection from the elements. And they’re incredibly unreliable.

All of this pretty much guarantees something will go wrong. Which is where you find out what you’re really made of. Hopefully it’s stern stuff.

Some of the off-road tracks in Sri Lanka are properly gnarly. Thankfully, with a mere 198cc at your command, this should mean you get utterly stuffed.

Another advantage of that insignificant engine is that it hardly ever needs refuelling. Boom.

The Unroute

Being told what to do is boring, so we created our signature ‘Unroute’. 

The premise is simple. We set start and finish lines, hosting one of our world-famous parties at each. Between them you are left to your own devices, free to carve your own work of adventuring art. 

Our ‘Unroute’ ethos gives all of our adventures a uniqueness that you won’t find anywhere else. Some teams group together, sharing their route. Others go it alone, venturing into the unknown as far as they can.

The one thing all the teams have in common is an arsenal of stories to tell when they arrive at the finish. That’s the power of the Unroute.

Support or lack of

The Rickshaw Run is not a guided tour. We will not be there for you when you break down in the middle of a desert or accidentally fill your rickshaw with sunflower oil.

The whole point of the Rickshaw Run is to get out of your comfort zone, learn how to overcome problems yourselves and engage with the wonderful locals who will gladly try to help you whenever they can.

If you want someone to tie your shoelaces for you, then you could always try Pontins.

The History

The Rickshaw Run was created when Adventurists founder Mr Tom fell in love with the little beasties whilst on a jaunt in India. He came home and was heard to be repeatedly mumbling something about taking rickshaws into a desert and up some mountains.

After much deciphering, The Rickshaw Run was born. The first edition launched in December 2006 from Kochi, Kerala and snaked its way up to Darjeeling, West Bengal. Nobody knew if it was even possible.

Since these humble beginnings, the Rickshaw Run has grown almost beyond recognition. It has since spawned an evil cousin in the Himalayas and a slightly friendlier cousin in Sri Lanka. There have been more than 35 editions, and literally, tens of thousands of people have experienced the joy of driving a rickshaw around various bits of the planet.

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