Monkey Run Morocco

Taking on mountains and deserts on a motorbike designed for a child is a recipe for disaster… Glorious, pant-wettingly brilliant destiny-shaped disaster.

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of a monkey bike between your thighs as you thunder, slowly, along dusty tracks with no idea where you are. People will definitely laugh at you. But not to worry, you’ll be having too much fun to care. You’ll grin like an idiot. And probably cry a bit when it inevitably breaks down.

This is The Monkey Run. A massive adventure on a tiny motorbike. Join likeminded fools cramming in two parties, a test driving day and 700km of overland chaos into a week that’ll feel more like a month. 


The Atlas Mountains, the sandy bit they call the Sahara, labyrinth alleys in Medinas… all natural habitats of the mighty monkey bike.

Gawp at the sand dunes of the Sahara and marvel at the Atlas mountains as you sit astride your monkey.

These geographical features will astonish and annoy, mainly because it’s your job to cross them.

The Monkey Run Morocco offers adventure in spades. Whatever route you decide to take, three things are certain; great people, tagine and a sore crotch.

You’ll hurtle through the desert with like-minded morons on what we think is the best way to see Morocco.


The Monkey Bike

The Monkey Bike is the essence of genius in slightly unreliable machine form. Driving this miniature design marvel will incite the full spectrum of emotions from delirious driving joy to utter despair.

They’re quite slow but feel fast because your arse is already nearly on the ground. That also means it won’t hurt as much when you fall off. Which you probably will.  

They are lightweight and nimble; handy when you have to push it up the odd mountain here and there. They even have an expedition-ready luggage rack over the rear wheel which can easily hold your wallet and maybe your keys. In summary: completely unsuitable and therefore perfect for old school adventure.

The Unroute

The unroute is a simple and highly effective adventuring format. Everything between the start and finish line is entirely up to you. Dictating a route to be blindly followed would suck the adventure from your soul. So pick a squiggly line on a map, then ditch the idea completely and go forth and get hopelessly lost.

Experience the tingle of Moroccan frostbite in the peaks of the Atlas mountains and the joy of sweating a bit too much in the sand dunes of the  Sahara.  Medium high altitude and sand both make getting your monkey bike to the finish line almost impossible. Which is the point.  

You're on your own...

Because true adventure is best served wrapped in cotton wool, we’ll all ride in single file at 5mph. Every 2nd rider will be a mechanic and we’ll bring someone’s Grandma along so they can mop your faces with a saliva-drenched tissue if you accidentally dribble your din-dins down your chin.

That’s a lie. You’re on your own, which is the whole point of proper adventure. If you know how everything is going to turn out it would be a holiday, and holidays are boring.
If you get stuck, find a local to lend you a spade and get yourself un-stuck. If you get lost, leave your smartphone in your pocket and speak to real human beings to get un-lost instead. You’ll thank us. Eventually. 

The History

The Adventurists exists to bring chaos into our over-sanitised lives.  To create adventures where you don’t know what will happen tomorrow or if you’ll even make it. Because there’s no greater moment than those seconds when you leap into an abyss of uncertainty and disaster. Our founder Mr. Tom was convinced the Monkey Bike could deliver.

He went on a test run to Morocco in 2015 with his research wing man Buddy. They had no route, no idea if it would work and did bugger all planning. Buddy had a minor tantrum. Several tantrums actually. They froze their man-bosoms off at the top of mountain passes and ran out of water in the desert. But after unleashing the raw power of the 50cc adventure machine across a big bit of Morocco they agreed this was the start of something rather special and the Monkey Run was born.

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