Icarus Trophy

Welcome to the toughest air race on planet Earth. It’s you and your paramotor taking on 1000 miles of adventure. It’s the ultimate cross country adventure race of the skies.

So what are you waiting for? Read on.

The Paramotor

If Superman was from Clapham instead of Krypton, he’d use a paramotor.

To the uninitiated, paramotors are like paragliding but with a fan strapped to your back. It’s the most exciting form of flying invented since the Wright brothers took to the air.

The toenail-curling thrill of soaring above some of the best landscapes on the planet is something few humans have experienced. 


The Course

The Icarus Trophy is unlike any other air race. This is a raw, unadulterated adventure air race for serious adventurers. 

What we provide is a huge area of adventuring defined between the start and finish lines. We operate a huge network of support to and watch you by satellite so you are free to explore. Think of it as a virtual barrier that contains millions of acres of adventuring bliss.

Two Divisions

The Icarus Trophy is split into two divisions. Race and Adventure

Race Division

Pilots are gunning for the win. You have to travel to the finish line only by the sky and can have no outside support to get there. You must carry what you need with you but you can buy stuff that is available on your route. First across the line, wins.

Adventure Division

In adventure all you need to do is make your way to the finish line. Along the way you will have possibly your greatest adventure. We don’t mind when you get to the end.

The Support

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Icarus HQ will be tracking your every move by satellite but you won’t even know we’re there. This isn’t in place to stop you getting lost or help you when you’re feeling tired, but it will swing into action in an emergency.

This unique set up allows you to explore new terrain and have an incredible adventure.

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