The Icarus Trophy

The toughest air race on earth


The toughest air race on the planet is coming to Brazil for 2019. Racing over 1000 miles of Brazilian rainforest, it’s the ultimate test of flying skill and a chance to be crowned Icarus Trophy champion.

Looking for a reason to do it? Watch the video.

Brazil is our most remote course to date. The conditions are challenging and the terrain dangerous. Pilots will traverse terrain barely touched by mankind, encountering wildlife that could sting your face off or eat your heart out – it’s brilliant. 

So what are you waiting for? Read on.

The Paramotor

If Superman was from Clapham instead of Krypton, he’d use a paramotor.

To the uninitiated, paramotors are like paragliding but with a fan strapped to your back and yes, you can fly one. It is pretty much the most exciting and accessible form of flying invented since the Wright brothers wobbled into the air.

The toenail-curling thrill of soaring above some of the best landscapes on the planet is something few humans have yet to experience but you can. 


The Unroute

The Icarus Trophy is unlike any other air race, following our signature ‘unroute’ ethos. There is no carefully marked GPS line for you to follow. There is no support. This is a raw, unadulterated adventure air race for serious adventurers. 

What we provide is a huge area of adventuring defined between the start and finish lines. Think of it as a virtual barrier that contains millions of acres of adventuring bliss for you to get lost and stuck in.

Within it, you can do whatever you want and go wherever you please. It’s freedom you’ve likely never experienced.

Two Divisions

The Icarus Trophy is split into two divisions. Race and Adventure

Race Division

Pilots are gunning for the win. You have to travel to the finish line only by the sky and can have no outside support to get there. You must carry everything you need with you but you can buy stuff that is available on your route. First across the line, wins.

Adventure Division

Simply make it across the finish line in one piece. Along the way you will have possibly your greatest adventure. We don’t care when or if you get to the end. We care that you came, saw and tried to conquer.

Download the more info pack for further detail. 

The Support

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Icarus HQ will be tracking your every move by satellite but you won’t even know we’re there. This isn’t in place to stop you getting lost or help wipe your arse when you’re feeling sad, but it will swing into action in an emergency.

This unique set up allows you to explore terrain never seen before from a paramotor giving you the confidence to push yourself to the limit and go further for longer. We will also send daily specialist weather reports helping you make informed decisions about your flight plan.

We have refined this approach to adventure since our inception. Setting boundaries instead of leading the way gives you a totally unique adventuring experience. You will feel completely alone and at the mercy of your wits and intuition. 

Have you got what it takes?

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