Pick Your Playground

The Monkey Run is spreading around the globe like a nude photo of an A-list celebrity. It's about time you dove head first into some 2 wheeled disasters. Pick one of these superb locations below.

Beginning with the 'greatest road in the world' - The Trasfaragasan - and ending at the Black Sea.

Over the 4,500 metre passes of the Andes, into the bowels of the Amazon rainforest. A monkey bike's limit?

From the Sahara Desert, through the Atlas Mountains, to Marrakesh. The original Monkey Run.

Don't fancy reading? Watch this instead.

The Bike.jpg

When we say these bikes are idiotically unsuitable, we mean it.

We're not too sure why you'd think otherwise, but if you're still convinced that the Monkey Bike is the perfect vehicle to explore these incredible destinations, have a watch of this. You'll feel like a right wally. You wally.

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