February 12, 2019

Category: Kraken Cup

The winners of the 2019 Kraken Cup are Village Monde – VAOLO. Made up of Canadians Charles and Bastien Mony and Frenchmen Gilles Lamire, Village Monde dominated from the start. They were the first in on Day 1 dropping their anchor in just 3hrs 7mins, 17 mins ahead of second place and took first, five of the eight days of the race.

Village Monde win the 2019 Kraken Cup

The day started off ok for the teams. Leaving Songo Songo Island for the finish, winds were steady, however as the race progressed, wind speeds dropped making the trek to the end long, challenging and slow. Still, with the little wind they had, Village Monde tweaked positions and jostled with Southern Exposure for the top spot. They soon saw them off and remained in the lead for the majority of the race.

Village Monde held a comfortable lead for the majority of the day

This left Southern Exposure in battle for second with Jambo Y’all. Jambo gained a lot of ground through the morning and the race became so close they could touch. Mistakes couldn’t be made and the teams had to keep their cool, monitoring the delicate conditions to make the most of minimal wind.

Southern Exposure and Jambo Y’all battling it out for 2nd place

It wasn’t to be for Jambo Y’all who managed to grab 3rd just behind Southern Exposure. From then on the teams rolled in one by one, elated, delighted and exhausted. Some thought making the whole experience more challenging was the way to go. Out Of Our Depth decided to tow in a 5kg unicorn to the finish line. They said about it.

“Only in the hardest moments you can see the light of the unicorn. Carrying 5kg of unicorn was worth it”.

They still managed to come a respectable 8th overall.

Here are the final results for The Kraken Cup 2019


01) 07:27 Village Monde – VAOLO

02) 07:30 Southern Exposure

03) 07:46 Jambo, y’all!

04) 07:50 Kaea o Nga Waka

05) 07:50 Pole pole ndio mwendo

06) 07:52 Bail, Bail, Bail

07) 07:59 Buena Aventura

08) 08:04 Eat Ship! – Brosail Inc.

09) 08:10 Krakin’ Up

10) 08:10 Unsalted Nuts

11) 08:15 Schrodinger’s Catamaran

12) 08:16 H.M.S. Thunderbush

13) 08:17 Knot lost

14) 08:25 Out of Our Depth

15) 08:30 Three Willy’s

16) 08:59 In Decent Sea

17) 09:20 Three guys walk into a boat

18) 09:34 Crazy Cannucks


01) 42:04 Village Monde – VAOLO

02) 45:20 Southern Exposure (Late Arrival 00:20)

03) 45:38 Krakin’ Up

04) 45:56 Jambo, y’all!

05) 47:54 Bail, Bail, Bail (Late Arrival 00:38)

06) 48:54 Eat Ship! – Brosail Inc. (Late Arrival 01:50)

07) 53:02 Buena Aventura (Late Arrival 02:06)

08) 53:43 Out of Our Depth (Late Arrival 02:34)

09) 54:28 Schrodinger’s Catamaran (Late Arrival 03:24)

10) 55:00 Three Willy’s (Late Arrival 02:12:00, Assistance 00:30)

11) 56:55 Knot lost (Late Arrival 03:52:00)

12) 59:05 Kaea o Nga Waka (Late Arrival 05:22)

13) 80:32 Three guys walk into a boat (Late Arrival 14:20, Assistance 02:24)


Most Time at sea – 70:57 In Decent Sea (aka Rescue Rangers)