What's all this then? 

This is the Ngalawa Cup. The greatest oceanic adventure there is. 

For our first foray into the seas we chose the temperate waters of the Zanzibar Archipelago, off the coast of Tanzania.

Tackling these seas in a modern cruising yacht is too easy, that's why we're sailing the local craft of choice, the Ngalawa. What they lack in safety and comfort they make up for in speed and ease of sailing.

We're not in the habit of running a gin cruise so this is a race. After all the best way of proving your superiority over your peers is by thrashing the wind powered pants off them.

This is a 500km race. Teams navigate their own way through a string of tiny islands trying to find their way to the finish line and perhaps a victory. Staying each night on whichever island they reach.

Within ten days the winners will be crowned the undisputed kings of the waves to the sound of back slapping and rum drinking.

*** The Sailor Handbook has now moved from here. If you've recently signed up for the Ngalawa Cup then check your emails for the new handbook link ***


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