October 9, 2019

Category: Monkey Run

Did you know there are bears right on the side of the road in Romania? Here’s the photo to prove it plus 12 other shots we picked out from the Monkey Run Romania September 2019.

This gallery will make you hanker after a week of monkey biking over some of the best mountain roads and offroad tracks in Europe.

That hankering is understandable, and easily sated by signing up for the 2020 edition. Head to the Monkey Run Romania website and choose July or September. No need to choose the bike, it’s a one size fits all affair.

Monkey Run Romania September 2019Michael pulling a wheelie overlooking the Transfăgărășan Highway.

Monkey Run Romania September 2019Jamie heading off into the bush on a bridge made for a monkey.

Monkey Run Romania September 2019Who wouldn’t want Monkey Runners with a yellow portable shitter in their wedding photos? Photo taken by Lane

Monkey Run Romania September 201947% of Romania is covered in natural and semi natural ecosystems, which make it the perfect place to rip through on a tiny motorcycle. – Photo by Matt

Monkey Run Romania September 2019Taylor making a splash on Day 2 – Photo by Kaitlyn

Monkey Run Romania September 2019Zee showing off her riding skills. Absolutely not condoned in any way by the organisers. Not at all.

Monkey Run Romania September 2019Insert own caption here – Photo by Ben

Monkey Run Romania September 2019“Monkey’s in the mirror are smaller than they appear” – Keith

Monkey Run Romania September 2019Transfăgărășan and Transalpina Highways – just two of the highlights for the fans of the bendy ribbon road format. Some of the best sealed mountain highways you’ll ever drive. Photo by Matt.

Monkey Run Romania - MattOncoming traffic at sunset.

Monkey Run Romania - MattHeading off on a semi paved road. Looks quite nice. Photo by Matt

Monkey Run Romania - Matt by VictorJudging by how much he’s laughing Matt either hasn’t seen the hungry looking bear behind him, or he has a medical condition that’s going to get him into trouble one day soon. Photo taken by Victor.

Monkey Run Romania - September 2019 - Photo by Kurt“Hit 74km/h down Transalpina this evening” – Kurt (we’re pretty sure that’s a shopping basket on the back of his Monkey – innovative stuff that.)

Sign up for the Monkey Run Romania 2020 is open now – choose July or September – find out more here.