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Roaming Rickshaw Rolling News

May 7, 2019

Remember, you control this adventure. You could make Mr Tom and Mr Buddy pick you up a coffee, give you away at a wedding, give you a nice Swedish massage or start a gang war in your local town. They’ll do it all, in exchange for a donation of that money you apparently ‘work hard’ for. 

And of course all that lovely money will be going to CoolEarth to save the trees and what not.

Donate here, https://www.coolearth.org/campaigns/29022/the-adventurists-incredibly-helpful-roaming-rickshaw/

Send in suggestions here, https://chat.whatsapp.com/GCRsuPjdOhN7P3IcZq63eZ

Or even give Mr Tom and Mr Buddy a call at 07497 367473.

They’ve done it. They may be broken but the Rickshaw lives on.

I think Land Rover need to take some notes on making a true off roader.

It’s unstoppable.

If in doubt, just shake it violently until it works.

Never have two trouser-less men looked so good.

Things are getting serious.

What a magnificent beast.

Some highlights of the livestream.

What’s this? 40 yards in 40 minutes. They may of broken the Rickshaw but at least they have the bubble swords.

The Rickshaw is unstoppable.

4×4 and 100+ horsepower or 1×3 and 15 horsepower?

Classic Welsh weather.

Preparation is always key. Luckily Mr Tom has brought all of the essentials.

Mr Tom and Mr Buddy begin the Strata Florida.

It only took all day, but we’ve made it to Wales.

Something is missing from this picture I just can’t think what it is.

Yes, this car has 4 wheels not 3, but other than that, it’s basically the same as a Rickshaw.

You’ve made your decision, we’re heading back to Wales.

Of course, the hill is no match for all its 14 horsepower.

Here it is. The steepest hill in the UK. Will the Rickshaw make the climb or will Mr Tom and Mr Buddy roll down the hill and straight into A&E?

It’s a new day and Mr Tom and Mr Buddy have made it back to Bristol. But before they complete any tasks today, it’s time to prove why the Rickshaw is the ultimate 3 wheeled steed.

Time to wobble back home.

Cancel that, the light is fixed. Mr Tom and Mr Buddy can now leave Wales and return to modern civilisation.

Looks like Mr Tom and Mr Buddy will be spending the night in Barry. Anyone got a spare bed? Sofa? Floor? Bin? They’re not fussy.

Sunglasses have been acquired. Next stop London (via Southhampton). But we’ll leave that for tomorrow.

Mr Tom has an interesting technique of fuelling.

Who’d of guessed that the countries two most responsible men would have fucked it so soon?

A Indian Wheelie. This can only go well.

A slice of cake and a donation, well that’s more like it.

Stopping for cake. They’re talking the first task very seriously indeed.


First stop, Barry in Wales. Barry, for those of you who, don’t know is a seaside town populated by a barley civilised, neanderthal like species known locally as the Welsh.

Leaving Adventurists HQ like style. From these moves you’re probably wondering why Mr Tom didn’t become a rally driver.

We almost killed Mr Buddy, but they’re off.

Get ready.