Rickshaw Run India Rolling News


Rickshaw Run India Rolling News

The Adventurists

Rickshaw Run

This all looks like a bit of fun, doesn’t it? In that case why not sign up?

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The Spring Collection 2020

Go on check it out. Do something less meaningful and more stupid with your life.

And just like it started, it ends, by getting pissed in a field, in India.

A journey of 2500kms through deserts, jungles and cities.

The teams will have learnt many important lessons like, don’t always accept things from friendly local farmers, sometimes it’s black tar heroin. Or some bridges in India have an aerodynamic tax for Rickshaws, that strangely only applies foreigners looking lost.

But most importantly they can brag to their mates because while their friends were at work and sleeping in their comfy beds at home, the runners most likely broken down in a field surrounded by monkeys or sleeping in any old hovel that would take them.

I’m sure by now the teams will have fallen in love with their three wheeled steeds and will want to take them home. Well back off, they’re ours. Get your own one.

“We made it 3000km unscathed in our sturdy tin can rickshaw but had a head on collision in the taxi on the way to the airport.”

What a great life decision.

I think it’s only fair that we all get an invite.

Anyway, congratulations Alex and Angela from Team ‘WanderLost’

Is there any better evening entertainment than 2 men trying to hit each other with swords?

Not a bad place to have a party.

Quick dip before the party.

Two weeks in and the runner finally win a game against the locals.

They were probably going easy on them.

Remember those rules.

Well here’s what happens when you break them.

Well at least they look pleased with themselves.

Literally meters away.

It’s genuinely impressive how breathtakingly stupid some people are.

The only appropriate way to approach the finish line.

Team ‘Where The Tuk Are We’ are the first ones in.

Mini Ricks for every team.

Quick fix before the finish line.

Just act natural and blend in.

India’s best national monument.

Not a bad place for your Rickshaw to decide to make a stop.

No indictor? No problem.

The Canadians have obviously never seen sand before.

Wow. Does this mean I’ve been doing it wrong all these years?

“The moment we nearly died.”

That’s a bit dramatic.

I love the look of the new Toyota- Audi partnership.

350kms left.

Two marvels of Indian engineering.

Getting some new tires.

Not a terrible view.

Great idea.

I love wet underwear slapping me in face as I drive.

Homemade tumble drier.

Cigarette? Check.

Can of Petrol on the Roof? Check.

Everything’s ready to accidentally detonate your Tuk Tuk.

Safety is at least number 4 on our list of priorities.

Still not making a joke.

The first teams are making it to Fort Kochi.

The most important sign in the world.

Some teams just aren’t cut out to make their own air-con. They broke our bloody mirror.

I’d like to see the science before I believe this.

What better way to end the day, than by getting demolished at cricket by some local 12 year olds on the beach.

“Noticed some grease leaking from the drive shaft boot – asked a local – 30 minutes & 140 rupees – good as new. Plus a 860 tip for the awesome mechanic!”

11 quid? Seems a bit steep.

Clearly staying in a bad neighbourhood.

“The Snapper looks good here.”

Let’s just pretend we didn’t see it and move on.

He’s only having a look.

You reckon a Rickshaw will float?

Someones’s admiring the view.

This is actually how people make the sea salty.

“Don’t jump little Tuk.”

I’m surprised they even know how to change gear.

Get to the hotel. Have a few drinks. Take your mate’s wheels off.

Just the usual evening routine.

For those less astute people, they’re on the wrong side of the road.

At least the policeman looks happy.

An interesting medical vehicle.

Tuk Tuk eclipse.

But revenge is sweet.

About an hour.

Team ‘4 Tuk Sake’ with their new roof ornament.

Let’s just see how long that lasts.

Just inches away from a Rickshaw on the head.

A bridge for a Tuk.

Keeping beer cold is a serious thing.

Team ‘Keep Calm and Curry On’ are getting a bit Brexit on us.

Getting the gearbox fixed on the back of a truck. Nothing is stopping Team ‘Those Who Wander’ from reaching the finish line.

I suppose it’s not wrong.

I’m sensing a drag race coming along.

“Can there be parts left over?”

I’m no expert, but I’d say you fucked it.

“Our second hitchhiker of the trip! She spoke zero English and even tried to pay us for the ride which we of course didn’t accept!”

Ah yes. That everyday occurrence.


Some people are having a really hard day.

“Unplanned homestay with dairy farmers that pulled us over for a selfie a few days ago! They invited us for chai and dinner. They even offered us their own bed for the night (they said they’d sleep outside by the water buffaloes) but we politely declined and ended up at a godawful truck stop for the night.”

Never turn down a free bed.

Who needs satnav, when you have drive-by directions?

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Rickshaw.

1 of 3 still smiling. That’s pretty good going considering.

“It’s still drivable…. blind corner, car doing  a U-turn. Locked the breaks up and put it on its side.”

Definitely not his first try.


“After a sad spluttery morning of stopping and starting, plus a flat tire, we three girls managed to change our tire, fuel lines, clean our switch, and tune up the carborator enough to get our girl purring like new for a speedy trip down to Goa. And with just enough time for a cheeky sunset snap on the way. Feeling great! Picture says it all. Who’s keen for beers?!”

Homemade AC. Maybe these Runners aren’t as stupid as they look.


Almost as majestic as a lion in the Serengeti.


The Rickshaw will soon be able to conquer land, sea and air.

“Installed a turbo…maybe a bit too much juice now!”


“This permit… nice one adventurists! You had me telling fuzz that this was underwritten by an UK license. Good thing he couldn’t find the official number of the law where it says you must have an international license.”

If it doesn’t need a push start each morning, it’s not a true Rickshaw.

With the Goa elections coming up, alcohol is temporarily band.

Ah, that old Indian proverb… “No gearbox, no problems.”

It’s nice that the runner are meeting people with a similar intelligence.

He even come with his own poster.

“Wanted!! Have you seen this mullet..if so act with extreme caution. He has a deadly smile and his team are selfie crazy and extreme hand shakers”

A new barnet of the day.

That’s an interesting shape pool.

That’s a least 6 months in a maximum security prison.

The Rickshaw Run is hard work.

“Barnet of the day…note the orange bouffon in the guy behind the scooter driver…”

I think they might need a hand.

That looks healthy.

15 hours on a truck. Sounds… fun?

Oh India.

Freedom at last.

Just your morning commute.

In India, McDonalds drive through offers power drills as well as Happy Meals.

They clearly have an engineering degree.

Turing their Italian Job pipe dreams, into reality.

“Flirting with the local ladies.”

Hey, I’m not here to judge.

See, everyone loves the Rickshaw.

Accommodation is overrated.

Oh my.

“Gujarat a dry state my ass, just go down a long sketchy super dark ass road and poof there it is.”

Just a little puddle.

Nicely done.

Don’t mean to brag, but I reckon I could lift at least double that.


Ronald is going to have to start pressing charges.

Pulling up to a building, you assume is your lodging, but finding out it’s actually the home of the Indian Royal Family.

And then they still let you stay there.

Not too shabby.

As I keep telling myself, size isn’t everything.

The teams resorted to playing against their Rickshaws as they kept getting thrashed by the locals.

I know which one I’d be doing.

Much like a brand new Lamborghini, the Rickshaw attracts a lot of attention.

They’re basically the same vehicle.

“When the local community gathers and Nadia gets a marriage proposal.”

I mean… It’d be pretty rude to decline, right?

Team ‘Lovebugs’ decided to spend the day at the beach. At least we know their priorities.

I have a feeling that it’s probably got a few more than 1000kms on it.

Any Rickshaw can be a 4 wheel drive. All you need is a bit of rope, a friendly local and a tractor.

This is great way to good mouthful of mozzies.

Everything about this photo is great. Except the face.

But that’s not his fault. He can’t change it.

“We’re doing the sunset tour.”

What a great investment.

The weather looks great.

It’s just a little drizzle.


Team ‘Because It’s There’ are getting a bit damp.

But we’re not really sure what team ‘Kicked in the Face by a Monkey’ were trying to achieve with this photo.

But hey, they did it.

What ever it is?

Uhh, is that a one way road?

‘The Great British Bike Off’ are learning lessons about hills: Rickshaws don’t do them well.

Nothing like being invited to a farm for some chai tea, dried lotus flowers and a big bag of black tar.

The police seem more interested in pictures than prosecution.

Not that we’re complaining.


The deserts are dusty.

Who’d of thought?


“Delhi belly is rife in Ahmedabad,” spoken like a true poet.

Cheating will not be tolerated.

It’s probably quicker to walk.


For some reason team ‘KTC 2019’ seemed very impressed with this dump.

Rickshaws have plenty of room for when you need to escape from your team. The roof for example.

Admiring some India’s finest heath and safety standards.

Who ever told you “It’s the taking part that counts, not winning,” lied.

But make sure that when you do win, check the losers haven’t got revenge.

Being helpful to other teams is overrated. Being a twat however…

Team ‘Kicked in the Face by a Monkey’ must have the attention span of a monkey, after getting distracted and following a camel in desert.

This man insisted on driving Kyle’s team’s Rickshaw through town, how kind of him?

Or their driving was just that shit?

The Rickshaw really is the ultimate city commuter vehicle.

Bribing some of the local officials with sweets.

Nursing hangovers with peace and quiet in the vast nothingness of the Thar Desert.

Too much time in the desert is sending some teams mad.


The Rolled Oats must have missed the part of the brief where we politely asked them not to crash on the first day.

30 kilometers in and some people have already managed destroy their Rickshaws.

Well that proved to be an excellent idea, didn’t it?

But some teams take no roads. Cheap Bastards.

Some teams take the toll roads…

And off they go into the Indian wilderness with a whole 7 horsepower beneath their fingers.



The Rickshaw Run April 2019 is good to go. All the teams gather in Jaisalmer for a massive piss up… Oh and to pick up their Rickshaws.


The Adventurists

Rickshaw Run

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