Oh coronavirus…


Oh coronavirus…

The Adventurists

A videographic word from Mr Tom…

Oh awesome. The world is fucked. Thanks coronavirus. I’m not sure you’re novel, more of a dick.

But here we are, in a temporary world where countries shut their borders. And that makes holding adventures really rather difficult.

But what does that mean for all you awesome folk who are on an adventure or planning to join one? 

We’re going to deliver on every single adventure planned. In some cases we’ll move the dates so it’s not so right-in-the-middle-of-god-damn-pandemic.

We’ll also be offering multiple options to get you out in the thick of some real adventure as fast as possible – instead of quarantined in your own home counting shit tickets. But we’ll hold your place for as long as you need to find the time to come on the adventure.

Since the World seems to be changing the disaster level from “oh dear” to “ahh shit” on a daily basis we are inevitably responding to things as they emerge.

Right now we’re adjusting the dates for:

– Monkey Run Morocco April 2020
– Monkey Run Peru April 2020
– Rickshaw Run India April 2020
– Rickshaw Run Sri Lanka April 2020

And we’ll update this list as soon as we have news.

Importantly we’re also unleashing our future adventures in the post corona universe for 2021 and some of 2022. So since you have that unsolvable itch to get stuck in a desert or a jungle somewhere you can definitely do so.

See you on the other side of this guff for some proper adventuring. 


The Adventurists