May 25, 2021

Category: Monkey Run

We’re launching our first ever adventure in the UK – meet the Monkey Run Scotland.

Come and get totally lost in the Scottish Highlands on a tiny bike. Drink too much whisky. Get lost again. Find the gnarliest off road tracks leading to nowhere. Sleep in ditches. Appropriate some culture with the world’s greatest garment that doesn’t have separate leg holes.

Monkey Run Scotland Promo

We’ll follow the classic Monkey Run format: one week of unpredictable bliss with a bunch of likeminded idiots.

First up it’s the Pioneers Edition in mid September. Exact dates are on the way very soon.

There are only 30 places. If you want one you have to fill out an extensive and rigorous application form.

The stringent selection process and invasive personal questions are 100% necessary so we can select only the bravest fools from our global community of legends.

Here are two top tips:

1. Do not underestimate Scotland. Especially the lonely lumpy bits with very few humans.

2. If you like to ‘plan’ and want a guarantee you’ll make it to the finish line, please, for the love of all the adventure gods old and new, don’t apply.

Monkey Run Scotland Promo

Here are some other photos we pillaged from the internet to show how splendid this is going to be…

Quairaing, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Quairaing, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Scottish Highlands

The only accommodation that won’t already be booked up this year.

Stag in Scotland

Roadside hazard. Scotland style.

Mountain road in the Scottish Highlands

Mountain road in the Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands Cow

Scottish Highlands Cow

We expect demand to be high on this one. If you want in, fill out the extensive and rigorous application form sharpish.

If the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert in Morocco is more your thing, or a jaunt across the Andes and through the Amazon on the Peru edition sounds like your cup of tea, head over to the Monkey Run website – 2022 registration is open.