Live Updates: Monkey Run Mongolia July ’23


Live Updates: Monkey Run Mongolia July ’23

Dan Wedgwood

Monkey Run

I’m posting rolling daily coverage of the 56 brave, noble fools taking on the second edition of the Monkey Run Mongolia. This is 50cc monkey bikes versus the wild open steppe: proper old school adventure.

**We have 6 spots on the next edition in Septemberregister now before it fills up**


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Thursday 13th July – Day 10


Wednesday 12th July – Day 9


Tuesday 11th July – Day 8


Monday 10th July – Day 7


Sunday 9th July – Day 6


Saturday 8th July – Day 5


Friday 7th July – Day 4


Thursday 6th July – Day 3


Wednesday 5th July – Day 2


Tuesday 4th July – Day 1

Riders hit the road / track / steppe



The Launch

56 brave fools thundered off the start line to take on 11 days of monkey vs steppe.


Monday 3rd July – Test Driving

Advanced manoeuvres at test driving


Riders are unleashed to test their monkeys


Registration, mechanical briefing & ger etiquette

Before riders are unleashed into the surrounding steppe to test drive their monkeys they have to register. Then there’s a mechanics briefing, where expert knowledge on how to keep these mechanical marvels moving is bestowed upon the riders. Particularly in the inevitable case that they break down.

We also arrange a Mongolian Ger and nomadic culture etiquette session. Riders are heading out into the steppe where they’ll meet people who live in remote areas.


Test driving has been taking place at Harganat Lodge out on the Mongolian steppe in the Delger Murun River valley. The mobile signal is pretty much non existent but a few photos have sneaked through from the riders…

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Alex Roupakia, Team Hoof Hearted, Greece – @alexroupakia

David Jester, USA – @jester_copperpott

Tavis Hebler, New Zealand – @tav_ocean

Samuel & Jan, Team AOB – @team_aob

Gianni Macri, USA – @its_gianni

James Snell, USA – @luckytiger

Dominika Powojska, Poland – @domilifting

Sunday 2nd July – Riders travel to start camp

19:00 local time

Jonathan Leary, USA

“Long, 16 hour bus ride to the starting camp. Gave us lots of opportunities to hear the extremely varied opinions on how cold it will be at night, how many miles per day you can reasonably expect to do, and how much gear you actually need to be successful.

“Our thinking is somewhere around the middle so I don’t think we’ll be as shocked as some of the others here will be when the reality unfolds. That said, everyone looks like they can eat iron and crap out nails so they’ll be fine.”

15:00 local time

Right now the riders are on the bus from the Mongolian capital out to the start camp. It’s a 12 hour+ journey to reach Harganat River Lodge beyond the town of Murun. And the perfect spot to start a southerly jaunt down to the Gobi Desert on a child-sized bike.

Meanwhile the Monkey Crew are setting up for their arrival and polishing the mighty monkeys. Here’s a few shots Adventure Chief Alex sent over from the start camp today.

More news on the way soon.

Dan Wedgwood

Monkey Run

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