August 13, 2021

Category: Mongol Rally

The world’s most ridiculous adventure competition launched today. Last year the Mongol Rally was cancelled so we launched the Mongol Rally X – driving tiny unsuitable vehicles to ridiculous places in whatever country the plague had imprisoned you in.

When the rally was cancelled again this year we decided to turn the stupidity up to volume 11 and relaunched the Mongol Rally X with a brand new format – the Poles of Inconvenience.

It launched today and teams are already on the road – check out the official tracking map below.

The POIs are carefully selected nuggets of spectacular inconvenience. The teams must drive to the Poles in equally spectacularly unsuitable vehicles.

The team that epitomises the spirit of the Mongol Rally as judged by a panel of un-experts will win a massive prize: £500 in cash, a free adventure each and a golden queue jump ticket for skipping waiting lists and bypassing application forms for our Pioneer editions.

Mr. Tom, founder of the Mongol Rally was insistent that tiny vehicles be given a proper opportunity to seek out chaos. Asked about the science behind this new Covid adapted adventure competition Tom said:

“While the pedants out there will be grumbling about “not being actual antipodes” we’ll be really busy not giving a shit and having an adventure.”

Well over 100 teams are taking part and loads are already on the move. Bookmark the official tracking map to follow their progress over the next two weeks.

Find the latest updates on the Mongol Rally Instagram and Facebook.