March 27, 2019

Category: Icarus Trophy

Tom and Kester

TIME: Midday
DATE: 3rd April 2019 LIVE
PLACE: The Adventurists Facebook Page 

Ever wanted to know what it takes to be an utterly deranged ariel animal with as much regard for gravity as a helium balloon? Of course you have. Meet Kester Haynes. The kind of bloke you wish you were and your partner hopes you’d become.

Kester is one of the tinkerers at Parajet, the kind of guy who takes safety to a degree that even the health and safety executive would consider excessive. He’s the kind of chap who builds a custom motor and hurtles it a 110kph over Exmoor to see if things go wrong, so you don’t have to. And because of his meticulous attention to detail, he’s also the kind of chap The Adventurists recruit to recce for their extraordinarily difficult Icarus Trophy which this year, is coming to Brazil and he’ll be on hand LIVE on The Adventurists Facebook page to answer all you paramotoring questions like ‘what’s this bit do’ and ‘how do you piss in the air’.

On the other side of the spectrum, all of them, sitting alongside Kester will be The Adventurists founder, Tom Morgan. Tom is the kind of individual whose brain favours stupidity over reason, a bumbling buffoon who has managed, somehow, to formulate some of the most exciting, treacherous and utterly hilarious adventures on planet earth since he spawned The Adventurists many moons ago. He’ll be LIVE to talk specifically about The Icarus Trophy, how it came to be and what inspired him to create such a demanding race.

So join us and come and ask whatever you like.

Why not go to THE ADVENTURISTS FACEBOOK PAGE give it a like and wait with a cup of tea for the fellas to go live.