We’re hiring: Managing Director of The Adventurists


We’re hiring: Managing Director of The Adventurists

We’re hiring a Managing Director to don the cape of chaos and lead the expansion of The Adventurists.

Please help us out and share this with anyone you reckon would be interested.

The right person will have a decent wedge of business experience at a very senior level. And they’ll be up for doing all of this stuff:

  • Start an electric adventure revolution with electrified rickshaws and monkey bikes
  • Launch new adventures on water, in the sky and on ice. And Monkey Runs everywhere.
  • Rescue thousands more people from soul crushing itinerary-prisons by showing them the way of adventuring mayhem.
  • Take a slightly sinister amount of satisfaction from ruining future holidays for thousands of people (they’re never the same again after your first Adventurists adventure).
  • Set up partnerships with brilliant companies, organisations & tourism authorities.
  • Finally bag that elusive TV show to deliver Adventurism to millions of eyeballs.
  • Encourage the teams to raise millions for charity and help save massive swathes of jungle with Cool Earth.
  • Run the whole show on a day to day basis with regular ongoing support from the founder Tom, plus me and Jen (the other directors & owners).
  • Lead our team of brilliant people who are based all over the world.
  • Plus a bunch of other stuff the new MD will come up with themselves. Because they’ll have a massive brain full of ridiculous ideas.

We’re working with the excellent folks at Gail Kenny recruitment on this.

If you’re interested in applying check out the grown up version of the job ad here and submit an application.

This is a remote position but we’ll need to regularly meet in person in the UK in the Bristol region. The rest of the time we’ll need to be working on a similar time zone.

If you can forward or share this ad with anyone you reckon would be interested we’d really appreciate it.

There’s no specific deadline on the application but we’d recommend making contact with Laura at Gail Kenny Recruitment sharpish. Don’t wait around crafting an epic cover letter, the search is already underway.

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