March 13, 2019

Category: Icarus Trophy

Like many amazing things, the Icarus X RSA starts in Bethlehem. It follows a circular route of about 350km, skimming the Lesotho border and flying over the Golden Gate National Park before it finishes at Claren’s Golf Course.

The Adventure Division pilots will launch in the smooth air about an hour after sunrise at 0700, with Race division giving chase at 1400. The winner gets a coveted spot on the Icarus Trophy, which in 2019 will be in Brazil.

Launch: 22nd March  – Bethlehem Aerodrome -28.248, 28.331
Finish: 23rd March – Claren’s Golf Estate -28.515, 28.429

CP1: -28.267722, 27.158
CP2: -29.18155, 27.45291
CP3: -28.85361, 27.87944

ITXRSA Route map



A first look at the Icarus X course over South Africa, shot by Mr Nic from Parajet.

Next week we’ll be publishing the pilot profiles.

Signup and more information about the race is over on the X Series website. You can follow the action on the Tracking Map and the Icarus Trophy Twitter.