August 19, 2019

Category: Monkey Run

Four years ago we had an idea for a new adventure. The necessary planning was ignored and a test run confirmed.

Extensive market research consisting of not asking anyone their opinion conclusively backed up the findings of the planning we didn’t do… The 49cc monkey bike might just be the world’s finest adventuring machine.

In January 2016 our elite R&D team assembled in Tangier, Morocco. Tom drew a made up map. Buddy didn’t know how to ride a motorbike. Tom remembered he hadn’t told Buddy about the motorbikes

This video functions just like a peer reviewed academic study publishing its findings in a lauded scientific journal. Without any peer review. Or science. Or findings. Just one simple discovery we knew in our bones from the day we didn’t make the plan:

Morocco on a monkey bike is adventuring gold.

500 people have now taken on the adventure we named The Monkey Run. It may have expanded to Romania and Peru, but Morocco will always draw the noble Adventurist to its mountainous sandy bosom. It is the birthplace of the monkey bike adventure revolution.

WATCH: How the Monkey Run was Invented


The October 2019 edition sold out many moons ago but you can still get on the January and April 2020 editions. Sign up on the Monkey Run website.