April 20, 2020

Category: Rickshaw Run

The Rickshaw Run in a gallery of at least 15 images; that was the challenge we set for our photo competition. When you force a three-wheeled cake tin across thousands of miles of ridiculous terrain it’s never predictable. So much shit happens it’s notoriously difficult to capture it in still photos.

Unless you’re Henning Lueke the lens ninja. He did the Rickshaw Run Himalaya back in June 2019 and his incredible gallery has bagged first place and the ¬£1000 adventure voucher prize. Bravo sir.

His gallery has great action shots: a tow from a truck through a snow covered valley and being laughed at by locals.¬†There’s a river crossing, and a ridiculous road flanked by towering walls of ice.

But… Shit. The. Photography. Bed… The wide shots, the mountain roads, the valley views. Ooof. And all taken at fuck-knows how high up in the Himalayan mountain range while driving a glorified lawnmower.

We could go on but it will get weird. Overall it was the combination of the breakdowns, the pushing of the rickshaw, the random shots of daily life on the road and the mega-super-duper-epic shots that won him top spot.

Just point your peepers at these bad boys and try not to get aroused at the thought of driving a rolling turd on some of the world’s highest roads. There’s a distinct chance your next move will be signing up to the Rickshaw Run Himalaya July 2021.