February 10, 2019

Category: Icarus Trophy

The Icarus X series was conceived as the ‘gateway-drug’ to long distance paramotor adventures such as The Icarus Trophy. Like most pilots, The Adventurists own Simon Walker was hooked from the beginning as a rookie. Here he gives his top eight reasons why everyone should consider entering this year.

You can still sign up for this year’s X Series, kicking off on 21st June.

1. Do at your own pace

The whole point of the Icarus X Series is to introduce people into cross country paramotoring adventures. With Adventure and Race Classes, you can choose how much of a challenge you want – with most newbies like me in Adventure Class. Whatever you do, you will have a blast.

2. Get stretched

Having a reason to fly a little later in the day and in thermic conditions, or to an unknown field, assessing its suitability to land is perfect to develop your skills as a pilot. It pushes you and is totally nerve-wracking, but all the pilots I know greatly appreciated the experience. The next cross country flight you do with a mate will seem so much easier.

3. You are tracked

Being tracked by satellite is hugely reassuring – both for you and your flying chums and for friends, family and sponsors following along online.



4. Everyone wants to help

People worry about landing in the middle of nowhere – but everyone we bumped in to really wanted to help. It’s amazing the effect that a smile, a handshake and wearing a strange contraption can have when you bump into the natives. I have been lent fuel, a landrover and a bed in a caravan on previous editions!

5. Learn from the masters of the sky

There will be some old hands in Race Class – and there is much to learn from them. Their motor set up, approach to fuel efficiency and insights into the weather for one. It’s like a fly-in on steroids for talking para-bollox.

6. Full bragging rights

Having a pilot profile, in-event coverage, a live tracker trail and a grinning finishing picture looks great on Facebook and other social media channels.

7. Win a free place on the Icarus Trophy

If you happen to win in Race Class, then you’ll win yourself a free place for the full Icarus Trophy next year, worth £1200. Africa anyone?

8. Serious silverware

Need I say more?

Andy Bexx – Adventure class winner 2017. Read about it here.