4x4s Are Actually Rubbish


4x4s Are Actually Rubbish

We can always tell folks who don’t really understand the concept of the Mongol Rally. They always try to bend the rules, or one rule specifically. The Vehicle Rule. The one that says a car must be less than 1000cc and crap.

Surely it’s easy, you go to your favourite internet auction site and type ‘Perodua‘ into the search bar. How hard can it be? Some folks are a bit worried about little old cars though and think they’ll be better off in a 4×4. They search around and find they can get a Suzuki Jimny or SJ which is just over 1000cc.

And they ask us to bend the rules. And because they’re 1298cc and we’re not always horrible bastards we say yes. Armed with four powered wheels, bouncy suspension and a raised chassis these ralliers feel invincible. They take one corner a little bit too fast…

Then this happens:

Okay so one of them is a Daihatsu Terios, but you get the gist. You’re never going to get that problem with a proper car like a Micra or a Perodua.

Still not convinced? May I bring to your attention exhibit ‘B’.  Notice how a roof-rack further raises your centre of gravity.

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