Rickshaw Run Sri Lanka summed up


Rickshaw Run Sri Lanka summed up

Well then. That’s it, done and dusted. The first even Rickshaw Run Sri Lanka is complete and what a run it was. Booze, breakdowns and beasts all featured heavily in the Sri Lanka run, but rather than just rant on like your Grandad, we’re going to show you 10 images that sum up the essence of the pioneer run in the hope that you, yes you, will join us in October for the next one. So, sit back, relax and take a little looksie…

The Line Up

A rickshaw on its own is a work of art. Lined up with its fellow runners, however, and it’s a masterpiece. Our runners get the chance to design their Rickshaw as they like and for the pioneers run, they didn’t disappoint.

The Lineup


Well Blow Me

Inflatables are a staple for the Rickshaw Run. They add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the teams overall aesthetic.

Well blow me


Blessed Are We

All of our Rickshaw Runs are more than just driving about on some gnarly roads on a less-than-ideal tuk-tuk. They’re cultural experiences and Sri Lanka is no different. This ritual was to ensure the runners didn’t break down. It didn’t work.

Blessed are we


Heavy Traffic

It’s fair to say that the traffic in Sri Lanka is terrible, and by terrible, we mean not terrible at all. Jams are likely to be caused by animals, elephants, dogs, goats and in this case, cows.

Heavy Traffic


A View On Views

Sri Lanka has it’s fair share of vistas. They’re likely to insight a serious bout of “what am I doing with my life” as you stare wistfully into them so, you know, don’t look for too long.

A view on views


Feel The Burn

If you don’t like curry or rice, it’s probably best to give Sri Lanka a wide berth.

Feel the burn


Floaty McTuk Face.

It’s sometimes better to float than take the bridge. Not for any practical advantage, it’s just way cooler.

Floaty McTukface



Let’s be frank, it wouldn’t be a Rickshaw Run without a breakdown and Sri Lanka did not disappoint. Even though we gave the teams a mechanical crash course at the start of the run, they still had to turn to the locals.

Break downs


The Finish

This face says it all. It’s a bitter sweet moment, you’re happy you’ve finished but the tears will flow when you have to bid farewell to your rickshaw.

The finish


The Party

What better way to forget all the pain, anguish and sunburn than necking a few bottles of the good stuff with you’re new mates.

The party


Think you’ve got what it takes? Why not join us for the next one. Find out more by clicking here.

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