Training for the Icarus

To take part in the Icarus Trophy you need to not be shit at flying a paramotor. This really is the toughest air race on the planet so if you’re not above average, you’ll probably find yourself crying into your lap while watching all the other pilots soaring over the horizon.

While some of you will have already aquired the minimum skills needed to take part years ago (head to the Qualifying page) others might be starting from scratch. We’ve worked hard with some extremely qualified folks to define exactly how good you need to be to take part so that you can sign up as a novice and then over the time leading up to your race get your skills up to the level required.

If you are learning from scratch, once you’ve decided to take part you will probably want to get your own kit as soon as possible. This gives you the freedom to get out and practice as much as possible but it also means you can start to get used to long flights in the same kit you'll be flying with on the race.

You need to have attained...

APPI PPG Advanced Pilot rating


USPPA PPG2 rating 


Demonstrate equivalent skills as a minimum qualification.

AND hit all the right notes on the Icarus specific skills list