The Adventurists Annual Conference 

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An announcement for 2019 will be coming soon. For now, here's a rough idea of what we think might happen. Maybe.

Plans are still very vague, but it's likely to be two days of Adventurism writ large in the countryside of England. It'll be a festival of ridiculousness. From exploding microwaves, paramotoring, monkey biking, cooking roadkill, smuggling workshops, lock picking this will not be an ordinary 48hrs. Add into that feasting and drinking and a whole host of other things we're not telling you about yet and you have the answer to what's the point of stately homes?

We'll also be giving you the first look at a load of the episodes from the TV show we've been making staring you lot.





No idea


What will happen?

  • The Conference - the one time in the year where the very cutting edge of stupidity chops stuff up into little pieces. Find out what's happened over the last year and see what disasters are in store for the year ahead.
  • The awards for the years greatest achievements are bestowed.
  • Discover the shiniest piece of adventuring stupidity in the entire world and get a chance to sign up to it before anyone else knows it even exists.
  • First views of the Adventurists TV show with you plonkers in it.
  • The finished Cluster Balloon Film Premier.
  • Camping for the weekend.
  • Gin reception to melt your tiny brain.
  • Foodage on Saturday night. This is what black was invented for.
  • Adventure training workshops.
  • Adventure taster sessions including off-road monkey biking, tandem paramotor flights and a whole load more.
  • Fly-in permit for all you paramotor pilots.
  • And and and... loads of other stuff we're not telling you about just yet.


TV Series Pre-Release Screening.

We've been filming almost everything you idiots do for nearly 2 years and making an absolute ton of TV shows. They are coming to a small screen near you at some point in the future but this will be the first chance to see this footage of adventuring chaos.

Balloonacy Premiere

The tit that started The Adventurists (Mr Tom) is planning a party balloon race. He tried this out. Some people noticed. This is a film about the story behind the test run. Thankfully, things did not go at all according to plan.