Where in the world?

Sri Lanka, the teardrop shaped island just south of India. Hopefully it hands you out equal measures of both tears of joy and frustration.

Beaches, jungles, off-road tracks in the middle of bloody nowhere, the crumbling remnants of past kingdoms, mountains, elephants and remote villages. All this goes towards making an adventure that will basically melt your face with awesomeness.

Because we'll be using the Pioneers of the May 2018 edition as our guinea pigs, the exact route is currently unknown. It's going to start over on the west coast, near Kalpitiya, on the Kalpitiya Peninsula. It will finish deep in the south of the island. It'll be up to you to etch your own way into the map.

If that deems a bit too soft, then we'll maybe make it a complete circumnavigation of the island. Who knows.

This is exactly what the May pioneers will find out. Think you have strong enough undercarriage to be a Pioneer? 

 Sure there was a road here somewhere...

Sure there was a road here somewhere...

We don’t really have the foggiest what’s going to happen. That’s 90% of the fun
— Mr Matt