The Rickshaw Run is Not a Gin Cruise

Five star hotels? bollocks. What has gotten into these current Runners? They're going soft. I remember back in the day (that day being the first Rickshaw Run back in 2006) when our height of luxury was having a toilet that didn't have a pig underneath it waiting to gobble your poo.

Nasty bit of tarmac there

Nasty bit of tarmac there

Still, I suppose the odd night in a swanky pad is acceptable, as long as a habit isn't made of it. I guess the potholes haven't gotten any smaller, and the rickshaws have only gotten ricketyer. Still. I can't quite bring myself to fully accept it.

From the updates from the road though it sounds like India is grabbing their man or lady bits with gusto and tearing them a new adventure hole. Here's some of my personal favourites:

Doesn't look like hardcore adventuring to me

Doesn't look like hardcore adventuring to me

Galeforce Racoons: "back on the road after spending the night on the roof of a church in a small village" - why? is what I shall ask them at the finish line.

Shillong Way Down: "Finally hit Bhubaneshavar after dealing with a hoarde of grieving mothers blocking the road... ...Wasn't our fault, swear" Sounds suspicious to me.

Now that's a bit more like it

Now that's a bit more like it

Tuk Me some Eggs 1: "It seems certain Malaria pills result in wet dreams." and also "There's a poo in the corner of my hotel room." - I am so glad I'm not sharing a room with these guys.

Beep Beep I'm a rickshaw: "You got to love indian mechanics" - nope.

Drive, Sleep, Rupeet:  "First break down. Starter lever snapped. We didn't realize we are strong enough to break steel!" - you're not, it's a rickshaw - they're shit.

So, that's it for now, the finish line is open from the 17th so I look forward to hearing all these stories and many, many more when they begin limping into Shillong.

I'm off now - I'm beginning to go wrinkley as I've been in this jacuzzi for far too long, and besides, I need to get a fresh bottle of champagne to go with my lobster.

Mr Matt.

The April Rickshaw Run is live you can track it here now.

You can sign up for the August Rickshaw Run now. It's not a gin cruise, we promise:

Title image from Joel of Team Toga