Dennis and Matt, Team On the Rocks

About Dennis 

44 years old, Australian, currently based in Belgium.

Dennis’ military career has exposed him to a variety of environments from the plains of Mongolia and Canada, the jungles of South-East Asia, the deserts of Australia and Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  He enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures. 

Dennis is a keen motorcycle rider and recently gained his gyrocopter pilot license. He regularly participates in endurance events and adventure racing, including long distance running, mountain biking and ocean kayaking. 

Dennis on Dennis: "I enjoy straying off the path, occasionally, but this time I'm wondering if I have pushed my luck too far"



About Matt Prior

30 years old, British, currently based in Hong Kong. Pilot.

Matt holds the World Record for the Highest Altitude a Taxi has ever been. (17,143ft). He is an Ex RAF Fast Jet Pilot now flying out of Hong Kong and working freelance in various disciplines. A veteran with the Adventurists, having done one of the very first Mongol Rallies back in 2006, he has continued on this path by going up to the Himalayas in a Rickshaw, Everest in a London Taxi and several other overland trips around South America and Asia by motorbike.

In the future he plans to Kayak from Japan to Korea, paramotor across the States and set up the MP Adventure Academy to help get others involved in this sort of thing.

Matt on Matt: "I enjoy randomness, stories, unpredictability and humour"

Tweets @mattprioruk