Natraj and Ashwin: Team Meh-Teh

They will be Facebooking

About Ashwin

30 years old, Indian.

Ashwin likes to risk his existence, to taste the thrills of adventure. He used to roller blade to the office (in India), for example.  And he has an afro.  The fact that he is 30 years and alive is proof that god exists and he loves him a lot.

He is a classical guitarist and a business man. Ashwin can often be found after jumping from a plane, sitting on a beach and playing his guitar to hot women in bikinis whilst making calls to ensure his business empire is running smoothly.

He has travelled India extensively on his motor bike.  He got his driving license when he was 18 yrs old and in a few months set out on a pan-India trip with his brother. This also included the mighty Himalayas in sub zero conditions. 

He also drove across India on Independence Day to welcome in the occasion.

About Natraj

29 years old, Indian, based in New York

Natraj is the kind of chap who will travel 10,000 kms by bike, then do a 10 day trek in the toughest conditions to watch a rare flower bloom. Or fly a plane from London to the South of France just for an ice-cream.

He is the brains of this outfit. He is a thorough planner, methodical and with an IQ that make Einstein a little jealous. He thinks of something crazy and actually makes it possible with his remarkable acumen.  He is also an Anti-Money Laundering specialist based out of New York, fighting against financial crime in batman style. 

He has travelled across the United States of America, UK, India, and some parts of Europe. Last year he successfully accomplished an ambitious journey across the continental United States, riding from New York City to San Francisco covering over 4,200 miles across 15 states in 8 days, raising funds for Make-A-Wish foundation.