Of Melons and Men

Team Yak to the Future have been having some fun in Kazakhstan. With some solidiers. And a melon.

They were apparently just driving along, when a bus sideswiped them. I'd like to have seen their faces when a load of Kazakh soldiers poured out of the bus...

"We were driving along in our lane when a truck just pulled over in front of us and wiped out our front bumper! Turns out it was filled with Kazakh military but you'll be pleased to hear we argued and argued and they ended up giving us $900 and bought us a melon!"

Apparently all is fine now, and they're being looked after by a nice mechanic. Good effort.

UPDATE: The chaps are now living the high life:

"Car is being fixed and while we are waiting the mechanic has sorted us a lovely beach hotel to wait at. Still entirely funded by the Kazakh military. This mongol rally thing is hard work!"