Monkey Run January 2018 - wrapped

Well well well. What a week that was. Whilst the majority of us armchair botherers were sat around producing gases consisting of 30% turkey and 70% stale booze and broken promises, our Monkey Runners were far busier. They battled all Morocco could throw at them, and somehow won. If you missed the Rolling News from the event, then it's here. This is the wrap.

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Oh, what a finish line Mr Kevin, Mr Thomnus and Mr Carlos had arranged. They wanted it to be the most rewarding one yet, so they ordered rain of biblical proportions to make the final kilometre almost impossible on a monkey bike. What lovely chaps. After all, after driving 1000kms on a bike that's more joke than smoke, that's just what you need, right?

Thankfully, the big folks upstairs were listening, and thus the finish line mud slalom was complete.

Bella was among the first to arrive and was the first lady to cross the line. Hats off Madam.

There then followed some playful banter between Mr Kevin and Joe. At least we think it was playful, we didn't see any bloodshed anyway.

Mr Kevin: Hey guys I'd recommend staying away from the finish line for a few hours as the dirt track has gone to shit. We are looking at workarounds. Unless you fancy the challenge the by all means...

Joe: Definitely not possible. 5 bikes stranded.

Kev: We just had 5 through. Keep going my pretties, we have beers for you

Joe: None of us have chains! Only cable ties...

 Okay, so maybe he has a point.

Okay, so maybe he has a point.

The Monkey Runners all fell completely in love with their bikes. Every single one of them. Without a single exception. Not one. Honest. Ahem.

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It's worth injecting here, that our stunning lot have not only been having an absolute riot but have also been doing a bloody good job of helping to save our planet a bit. All our adventures raise money for charity, and we've raised millions of pounds over the years.

A roll of the drums and a round of applause please as our brave Moroccan marauders have raised a rather pretty amount for Cool Earth...

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so far

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Not at all shabby ladies and gents. Well bloody done. The final totals shall be available around 6 weeks after the end of the event.

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Whilst most headed straight for the finish line which was now more slippery than a greasy whippet, a few of our darling monkeys headed to the beach for some final arsing around before tackling mudzilla and passing through the gates of glory.

Once everyone had arrived physically safe and kind of mentally sound...ish, it was time for the night's festivities to begin in earnest. And oh, how earnest they were. There's only one sort of party that could match an adventure of these proportions, and that's a messy one.

We put the master to work. Mr Thomnus made up a cocktail of dreams to get everyone going.

 Just look at that flair. It's a thing of beauty. Such style. Such panache.

Just look at that flair. It's a thing of beauty. Such style. Such panache.

It seemed to do the trick though as hijinks were soon on the menu. Look at the gallery below if you wish. We don't blame you if you don't really want to.

As you read this they're all bundled onto a coach, bleary-eyed, sore, stiff, and at least 3 inches shorter physically, but veritable giants in stature.

Congratulations all on a terrific event.

Fancy doing one yourself? Great news. Hit this button below and you too can be a hero.

Until next time. 


للجميع في المغرب
To everyone in Morocco

شكرا جزيلا
A big thank you

و عَام جَدِيد سَعِيد
And a Happy New Year

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