You're awesome. Let everyone know.

So you've done one of our adventures. Amazing. You hopefully had the most eyeball searingly, underpant-ruining time of your life so far. So what do you do about it? You go home, have a hot shower, have another one, do some laundry, stare steely-eyed at yourself in the mirror knowing that you're brilliant, and then head to the pub for that much-awaited heroes welcome with your buddies.

The thing is, when you get there, you realise that you have their rapt attention for approximately 8 minutes. By which point they start zoning out as you're telling them a priceless story about when you tried to cross the border into Uzbekistan without a passport and had to marry the border guard's nan to get a stamp. Or that hilarious time when you couldn't find any food whilst being stranded in the middle of a desert and had to survive on your teammate's bodily deposits.

It's about 3 milliseconds after the zoning out when one of them asks 'did you see Pop Idol the other night?' and you realise with a thud that you've lost them forever. You didn't even get around to telling them about that terrifyingly weird situation with the goat herder, let alone show them your slideshow, powerpoint presentation and infected tattoos in inappropriate places.

dotty black 600 wide.png

Maybe then, you need something more tangible. Something they can actually hold with their hands, and see with their eyes. There's an idea. So why not write a book? That way, you can even hold their attention whilst they're having a shit. And, if your book itself is shit, then you've handily already supplied them with the ammo they'll need to leave the loo with a shiny derrière.

That is exactly what our old chum Bassam Tarazi did after completing the Mongol Rally in fine style back in 2014. He wrote a book. And it's not at all shit. You can even buy it here, which we'd thoroughly recommend. 

Not only are his friends able to actually hold his adventure in their hands so to speak, but also they can use their eyes as he then put this video up together to promote it too. Good work squire.

So there really is no excuse for not getting your adventure out there to the masses, or indeed just to your friends and family. 

If all else fails and they do begin to zone out, you can also use the book to clobber them about the head and knock some sense into them.

Here are a few pictures from Mr Bassam's Rally to get your creative juices flowing.


Well played sir, well played indeed.

The Mongol Rally for 2018 is very nearly full at a venue-busting 400 teams and for the first time in Rally history, we may have to close it. If you did want a spot. You'd best hurry up.