Mongol Rally: Meet the Teams

Over the years we’ve had some pretty silly entries to the Mongol Rally. That’s the idea, and we like it when teams understand that we all just want to laugh at them.

Laughing is good, it helps relieve the pain of 3000 miles of dirt roads, getting bitten by camels, or the 14th blown tyre. Here’s a few people you can expect to be laughing at this year. Click on their pictures to follow them and laugh.

Eau de Rally

Told to “travel by Trans-Siberian train because it is too dangerous to travel by car”

Fancy paintwork and a terrible van is exactly what you need to drive to Mongolia. Good work, top marks.

This spectacle of Swiss stupidity will be taking on the perils of the world in the wonderful 1998 Daihatsu Hijet van, and should be fully expecting it to break down on many occasions.

Plan F

Were advised to "take a load of Vaseline and condoms"*

Now this car looks WAY too professional. The better your car looks, the more people laugh at you when it breaks down.

However, we’re willing to make an exception for them in this list, because one of their team members is apparently bored. Card-bored, in fact (I’ll get my coat).

We're waiting to meet Rob McLeod, honorary passenger of processed pulp. He’ll be joining Plan F on their voyage of pothole discovery - hopefully he doesn’t mind the rain.

*Apparently this is for waterproofing the engine...

Are we there yet?

“Not really had much advice other than "don't get raped or killed"

Nissan Micra. Not a name which usually inspires confidence, but actually we at HQ think that Micras make it too easy.

A Micra is probably the most successful car in the history of the Rally, and this one even has racing stripes to make it look faster (not sure it’s working). This team of almost-still-children might actually have a shot at reaching the end, unless the Turkmenistan police think they’re too young to drive...

Team Scrumptious

“Best advice: take lots of air fresheners”

Perhaps they’re expecting more than one kind of breakdown, because this team has decided to bring their teddy bears.

Hailing from the exotic Taiwan, the famous Ulaanbaatar and the, er, ok-I-suppose Wellington, this international team is raising money for kids in Mongolia. Their Fiat Punto 1.2 is a little on the large side, but probably crap enough to succeed in being terrible.

Oh, and Matt is so devoted to the Rally, he’s had it permanently emblazoned on his neck. Good effort.

Navigational Error

“9000 miles or so there, 6000 miles back…the service interval? 6000 miles. Oops. Ferrari garage in Kazakhstan, anyone?”

Some teams have silly cars. All teams have at least relatively small cars. Except Marcus. He has a Ferrari 456.

However, it’s kind of our own fault that he’s using this car - we once said that we wouldn’t take anything over 1 litre, unless it’s something ridiculous like a lamborghini. We didn’t expect to be taken so literally.

He’s not too worried, although he probably should be.

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