Mongol Rally Pit-Stop

For the second year running we will have a Mongol Rally pit-stop at the Cotton Pub in Sibiu.

Vlad & Grigor from team 'Today'


"Last year loads of teams took advantage of the excellent hospitality provided by Cotton Pub and Today (Mongolification - MR 2013 team). They're teaming up again in 2014 to offer flagons of beer & in the same awesome location, Cotton Pub Sibiu, and also a place to camp for the night.

This year they're going one better and the camping will be at the awesome 'Biserica fortificată' Fortified Churches.

The Ursus Cotton Pub


The party is being held on Thursday 24rd July. That's two days after the meet-up in Prague and a day before the party on the Black Sea. More about those later.


The Cotton Pub is in Sibiu Romania, we've added a handy map so you get a rough idea where that is.