So, it’s time. This beautiful custom-made Minirig is being won today, and yes, it does still smell ever so slightly of Mr Kevin’s pants.

minirig (1).jpg

In case you missed it, we ran this competition over on the Mongol Rally Facebook page. We also put it on that there Instagram thingy too.

We’ve been chasing the best Mongol Rally photo. Treat your eyeballs to the delights below and then head to the main Adventurists facebook page to VOTE FOR YOUR WINNER.

The photo with the most likes by the time we get our arses to the office on Monday will win.

In no particular order at all, these are our top 10.

Head to the Main Adventurists Facebook Page now, and open the gallery to lodge your vote.

Two runner-ups will win a goodie-bag of Adventurists swag (basically a load of crap from our warehouse that we don’t know what to do with).

Good luck all.

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